Kumbh Mela is a commingling to millions of souls that come together to cleanse themselves before entering the celestial realm of God. This is held every three years in each of the four different locations - Allahabad, Haridwar, Nasik and Ujjain.

Besides the regular Kumbh Mela, Ardh Kumbh Mela happens six years after the Maha Kumbh in each of the location. It lands up in each location according to the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter position in different zodiac signs.

As Kumbh Mela Festival comes to Haridwar when Jupiter is in Aquarius and Sun is in Aries. In Allahabad it is celebrated when Jupiter is in Aries or Taurus, Sun and Moon are in Capricorn. In Nasik this Mela is organised when Sun and Jupiter are in Leo. And Ujjain gets to organise it when Jupiter is in Leo and Sun is in Aries.

The word Kumbh derives its name from the deathless Pot of elixir. According to the legend, the Demigods (Devtas) and Demons (Asuras) fought to own the pot of elixir. After, they agreed that by churning the sea, the owner of the elixir will be decided. During this manthan, this pot fell drops of elixir on where the four places are known as the sites to organise the Kumbh Mela.

Kumbh Mela at Haridwar
This fair is held in Haridwar on the Har ki Pauri ghat. Haridwar Kumbh Mela includes long Hindu pujas, bathing in the Ganga water and the worshipping at Hindu temples. This festival took place last in the year of 2010. The next Kumbh Festival at Haridwar will be held in 2022. At Haridwar the main attractions appear out as long devotional songs, feeding of holy men, Hindu priests, women, and poor people.

Kumbh Mela Allahabad
This festival is held in one of four cities every three year such as Allahabad. Kumbh Mela 2013 will take place in Allahabad, ensuring to be one of the most auspicious melas in recent memory. There will also be activities of Sadhus, religious rituals, exotic vendors, and nomadic tribes in attendance.

Ujjain Kumbh Mela
In Ujjain, the mela is organised on the banks of the River Shipra. This was held last in the year of 2007 and the next Kumbh mela will be organised in 2019.

Nasik Kumbh Mela
This is celebrated at Trimbakeshwar in Nashik of Maharashtra. Festivals in India are truly the presence of victory over the defeat such as Kumbh Mela India. Kumbh Mela in Nasik was held last in the year of 2004 and the next will be held in 2016.

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Kumbh Mela is the oldest religious gathering in the country and is very sacred event for the Hindus. Festivals in India e.g., Pushkar Fair, Gangaur Fair and Kumbh Mela are perfect blend of Indian culture and its heritage.