The law of attraction is a powerful force that can be used to attract enormous amounts of money into your life experience. Unfortunately, many people may be repelling money and they don't even realize it! Money is energy and how you feel about money on a subconscious level will dictate how much money shows up in your life. Here are 3 reasons why you may be repelling money instead of attracting it.

1. Do You Think Money Is Dirty?

After handling money do you feel the need to sanitize your hands like a heart surgeon going into surgery? Granted, we all know that money moves in and out of the possession of many people before it actually reaches your wallet. This means that the cash you are handling potentially has all the germs and viruses that those people have. Sure, you may not know where that money has been but you have to keep something in mind. Your body has an incredible immune system. There are viruses and germs all around you and your immune system is defeating all those nasty microbes very easily. Stop feeling like money is so dirty or the universe will conspire to make sure that you don't have very much money to handle. There's nothing wrong with washing or sanitizing your hands after making a cash purchase but you shouldn't FEEL dirty. Change your mindset to feeling thankful that you have such a strong immune system that allows you to handle all the money in the world and come away unscathed.

2. Are You Afraid Of Being Robbed Or Losing Your Money?

Do you carry large amounts of cash with you? Why not? Some people only carry around small amounts of cash with them because they are afraid that they might get robbed or misplace their money. This is a negative feeling that will cause you to repel money. When was the last time your got robbed or lost your money? Be realistic about the odds. Sure, the worst case scenario can always happen... especially if you expect it to. Here's a challenge, start carrying twice the amount of cash that you usually do. Feel good about it, and you will soon find that more cash starts to show up in your wallet. Have confidence in yourself and your ability to manage money. This will make all the difference and allow you to start attracting money instead of repelling it.

3. Do You Get Jealous When You Meet People Who Have A Lot Of Money?

If you feel jealous when you see rich people then you need to take control of that emotional response immediately. Nothing will repel money faster than a feeling of jealousy. When you feel jealous you are telling the universe that someone else has something that you don't and the universe will respond accordingly with more experiences of scarcity. Here's something to keep in mind when you find yourself in this situation. If you see someone with your dream car, or dream house that is the universe reflecting back to you what frequency you are on. The universe is telling you that you are on the frequency for attracting the dream car or the dream house. You should rejoice and keep doing what you're doing. The secret to experiencing success is celebrating the success of others.

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