Choosing linen bedding for your bedroom provides a cool and comfortable, yet elegant feel for the room where you go to relax and rest. Although generally thought of as a summer fabric, linen is a great alternative for bedding year round. Linen has been used for thousands of years all around the world in almost every culture, because of its beauty and durability.

Linen bedding is, of course, the best choice for summer bedding, although it is equally cozy and comfortable in any season. While many people use cotton bedding, linen bedding fabric is 3 times stronger than cotton and will last far longer. Linen feels cool and smooth, and has the ability to wick away moisture from your body; up to 20% of the fabric’s mass can hold moisture. It also, in turn, dries very quickly. Linen bedding does not cling to skin as most other bedding fabrics do.

Linen bedding is also lint-free. It gets softer and softer the more it is washed. It can easily withstand the high temperatures of hot water washing, drying, steaming or dry cleaning. Bleaching of linen bedding is not recommended, since bleach can damage the fabric. Linen bedding may be ironed if a super smooth wrinkle free surface is desired. Linen should be damp when it is ironed, and should never be starched. Linen does not stretch like cotton and other fabrics commonly used for bedding, so it stays in place on the bed with fewer wrinkles and sags. Linen bedding is highly resistant to dirt and stains, making it an exceptional choice for everyday bedding.

Linen bedding, like linen curtains is made from the finest quality linen fabrics. Linen fabric is lustrous and naturally ranges in color from ivory to grey, although modern linen fabric can be found in many colors and patterns to coordinate with your bedroom color scheme and décor. High quality linen bedding and fabric is free from knots or pills and feels cool and smooth to the touch. You should always look at the threads in the fabric and make sure that they are consistent in diameter and that there are no pills.

Linen bedding lends itself well to seasonal and holiday décor. Linen is complimentary to silks, velvets and a variety of other fabrics producing a rich and elegant mix of textured layers. If you start with linen bedding, your bedroom will soon be an inviting and intimate space where you will want to spend much more time. Experts say that your most personal space, the bedroom, is a reflection of your taste and your personality. Why not project a luxurious atmosphere that will be sure to enhance your time of rest and relaxation.

The advantages of using linen bedding are easy to see. Linen’s beauty and texture are found in no other fabric available. It’s naturally green and 100% sustainable plant fibers make it the best choice for the environment. There really is no reason to look further than linen bedding for all of your basic bedding needs.

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