Low sodium meals and foods with protein and delicious foods to avoid high cholesterol.
We have given you many diet plans and here is one that you can use once a week to give yourself a little splurge. Have a nice 6 ounce steak, not fried. Trim the fat and season with garlic, onions, pepper and parsley. A small pinch of salt is okay unless you have high blood pressure. If you like the taste of butter then substitute Butter Bud Sprinkles instead of using the real thing that's loaded in salt and cholesterol. Have a big, fresh green salad with the whole vegetables that you enjoy such as carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and celery. Use only two tablespoons of low or no fat dressing. Have a cup of your favorite vegetable steamed. Broccoli, asparagus or cauliflower are nice complements to a steak dinner. Desert should consist of a small bowl of fruit accompanied by either low fat cheese or low fat yogurt.
Drink green tea sweetened with Splenda or better yet, a glass of water. Drink water before, during and after all meals.
On the day of the week that you pick to splurge with a steak, just be careful about the other meals that you choose to eat. Also be sure that a splurge day should only be, at the most, once a week and not more often.
If you keep track of your daily fat and carb intake then a splurge with a lean steak can actually be healthy. If you aren't fond of steak then splurge with chicken or turkey using only the white meat trimmed of all skin and fat. Again, nothing fried.
Eat more fish in order to get omega 3.
Despite all the hype and often conflicting views, your body actually needs the proper amounts of fat in your daily diet. The issue here is to make sure it is unsaturated fat that you put in your body while avoiding saturated fats. Saturated fat is found in fried, greasy food that are loaded in animal fat. Almost anything fried or greasy that is loaded with salt or sodium should be avoided. Develop the habit of reading food labels contained on all packages and containers. You will soon educate yourself about healthier choices.
Daily exercise is an absolute must for any diet plan to remain effective and also to keep a healthy body.

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