Camping is one of the best recreational activities that tourists can engage in while they are in Kenya. Besides offering a cheap means of accommodation, camping brings the aspect of fun, adventure and thrill while on safari in Kenya, and brings the reality of being in the open Kenyan wilderness, interacting with wild animals an enjoying the natural vegetation, away from the busy and usual urban and city life of civilization.

In Kenya, there are so many places for campers to enjoy their adventure for a day or more. There are numerous national parks that offer camping sites as well as camping facilities. There are also private ranches which allow this activity. Among the places where one can camp in Kenya include Masai Mara Game reserve in the south rift valley, mount Kenya in central Kenya, Munira island camp in the Kenyan coast, Crayfish camp in lake Naivasha, Kembu campsite near Nakuru, Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Tsavo national park, Amboseli national park, Karen camp in Nairobi, among others.

Some camping sites come with already set up tents, offering accommodation, dining areas, lounges and other facilities. Some are luxury tented camps which have a touch of class, offering guests a lavish feeling. Most of these are located in Masai Mara game reserve and include camps such as Olumara tented camp, Enchoro tented camp, Sarova tented camp, and Kichwa Tembo tented camp, and so on. In Amboseli, there is Kibo tented camp, and others. In other areas, there is the Sweetwater’s tented camp, Satao luxury tented camp, and so much more. Most of the luxury tented camps have lots of luxury facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, massage parlors, beauty spars, internet connectivity and so much more.

Besides luxury tented camps, there are also budget camping sites which offer cheaper camping options. Although they are comfortable and offer good food, budget camps are more basic and lack luxury facilities. They are however cheaper. Both budget and luxury tented camp allow for game drives within the national parks they are located in, usually early in the mornings and late in the evenings.

Another camping option would be to carry your own camping equipment and set your own tents in safe or appropriate places. Camping facilities include tents, stoves for cooking, utensils, food, torches, ropes, sleeping bags, tent spares, camping furniture, airbeds, cool boxes, drinking bottles, air pumps, sleeping mats, portable heater, and portable toilets among others. One may need to be in the company of a guide, especially if it is the first time he or she is camping in Kenya. One should take extra caution because of visits from wild animals.

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