Math may be the most undisputable dreaded subject in school but by incorporating more math games kids will cherish learning. For 6th graders, they will be tackling disciplines like geometry, measurement, probability, and algebra. Learning and discussing new concepts is stressful especially if they are not confident in it. A successful teaching tool is to covert the lesson into a game. By making it into an active learning experience, students will prosper from this. Here are
some examples of math games that you could introduce to sixth graders:

1. Student will be more apt to pay attention creating this laser like focus;

2. Allow them to be able to ask questions.

3. They will be forced to explain concepts to other student thus creating a reciprocal effect.

4. Adding visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities will caters to all the students learning styles and increases their knowledge retention.

5. Creates a teamwork enjoinment and forces them to learn and work together as a group.

These are only a few examples but it validates the point of student need variety in learning and creates a more even distribution of educational content that produces success in the classroom.

Here are a few ideas of some math games to stimulate the senses:

Battle of Cards

Giving your sixth graders a few decks of cards can give them a foundation in learning math skills. Arrange them into groups of 2 and hand each of them a deck of cards. Explain the following rules. Cards 2-10 are face values. The face cards are worth 11 for a jack, 12 for a queen, 13 for a king and that each ace worth one. They will place down their top card and call out the product of two numbers in the card immediately. The student who first to call out the correct answer gets to keep both cards. The student with the most number of cards wins.

Math Hangman

This game can be done using a chalkboard or a projector. Instead using of words, you would substitute math equations as phrases along with a question that can only be answered when you have correctly figure out the math question. You can group the students into teams or let them play it as individuals. When a student gives an incorrect answer, another segment of the hangman is drawn. There are 6 parts the Hangman which are head, body, left leg, right leg, left arm and right arm. Additional hangman’s are drawn and kept track of during rounds of play.

When all of the correct numbers are already arranged, they will then have to use their math skills instead of just guessing the answer to main question. If they provide the right answer they get a bonus and can remove 2 segments. When the number of rounds or time limit expires they will add up how many hangmen’s they created and the person with the least amount wins.

Classic Flash Cards

When you are looking for classic math games, using flash card games are one of the most effective examples. It is considered to be a highly successful math tool for kids because it can be done with a partner or independently. They are able to develop the essential math skills when playing this game. You can even use simple plain note cards. Just put an equation on the one side and write the answer on the back of the card. The possibilities are endless because it can be used for any topic. You can make multiplication table flash cards or choose make it an exciting random game.

Prime and Composite Number Game

Begin the game by choosing two numbers between one and one hundred which are fifty numbers apart. Students can be divided into groups or let them play the game individually. You need to write the two numbers on the chalkboard and have a timer running. They must be able to answer all the prime numbers within that grouping or before the time runs out. You can do this with composite numbers as well. This game will help them identify and emphasize different prime and composite numbers.

Sixth grade math students need fun and recreational activities to motivate their thinking ability and direct their attention on education. Games make the learning process more effective and easier. This allows them to relax while they play, thus giving them focus on what they do. Having a teacher or parent apply math act ivies like these will your student apart from the rest.

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