You can make money online. Create incredible value and the money will come. Real Coaching Radio Network is launching a new product to assist coaches, professionals and small business owners: “How to Successfully Launch a New Radio Show, or Any Other Product or Service.” Through the never-fail recipe of “showing up and continually improving” the new launch will be available for a limited time. It offers a great value and creates excitement.

In an online, digital book, available by subscription through the Premium Membership, you will have access to all the nitty-gritty details needed to launch a product, service or radio show. You will get step-by-step instructions and a special webinar with experts to guide you. This is a guide that anyone can follow with real examples and all the resources you need to launch your new radio show or any product or service. Interaction will be a main feature of our digital publication with ongoing support to answer your questions and assist with your issues as you are following along with us launching your product or service.

You will learn to use critical tools such as e-mail campaigns, blogs, squeeze pages, video, audio, lists and more. We will show you how to create a successful sequence with your Launch Campaign that will include joint venture partners, pre-launch, launch, post-launch and re-launch.

We will share the mental triggers that must be included in your program as well as how to write your actual offer. We will also have experts joining us along the way to guarantee your success. We will be sharing our launching process and show you how we have done it. We will show you what challenges we have faced, too. By peeking over our shoulders, you will have the benefit of our experience. When everyone works together, great things happen.

We will be here all along the way for you. If you get stuck and don’t know what to do, the community, team at Real Coaching Radio, will help you through your walls and challenges that otherwise would stop you cold so that you succeed. This is a digital book that won’t be sitting on a shelf.

All this and more will be available. Look for our free webinar January 6, 2010. Registration deadline for the Launch is January 09, 2010, midnight. You must register into our Premium Monthly Membership to get access to all of the materials and support so you can learn to make money online. Don’t be left alone when success is yours for the interacting.

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Author's Bio: 

Coach Steve Toth has more then twenty years experience in; life coaching, leadership development, management consulting, professional coaching and culture change. He has worked with hundreds of executives entrepreneurs and professionals as a personal-executive coach. He studied at the Management Consulting Institute, Context Training, Landmark Education, PAIRS Foundation, Transformational Breath Institute, and Naropa University.

In 2003 he founded Real Coaching Institute to provide coaching programs and consulting services
that dramatically enhance individual and team performance in the areas of Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork, Communication
and Life Balance Management Skills.

In 2007 he founded Real Coaching Radio Network. He is the executive producer and with his team produces over a dozen radio shows weekly.

In 2009 he created a Joint Venture with My Rx for Living and later became a partner in On-line Interactive Coaching Community and Membership Site. It is a place for motivated, success driven people to focus on improving their lives together; creating financial independence, better relationships, greater ability to communicate, spiritual awareness and improved health and well being. Coaching content in the form of live RCRN radio-TV shows, videos, blogs and lessons are offered on a daily, weekly, monthly basis by Coaches and Course Leaders.