If you could ask any man how they feel about their penis size, with the exception of a very few, they would more than likely have one resounding answer: it could be bigger. Male enlargement is such a hot topic of conversation online that there are millions of searches conducted about it every day on major search engines like Google. A lot of companies have made billions – that’s billions, not millions – selling controversial prescription drugs that tout male enlargement, and longer lasting erections. While these drugs can work for some people, they do have downsides, too. Most can’t be taken with alcohol safely, they have an array of known side effects, some men simply can’t take them for medical reasons, and they are expensive, to say the least, and health insurance (if you have it) will only cover so much of the cost. There’s got be a more profound, natural solution to male enlargement. In this article, learn about four foods that can make it bigger, faster and naturally!

Eat more spinach – you read correctly and Popeye the sailor must have been wowing the ladies, seriously! Not only is a spinach a super food that’s loaded with powerful antioxidants, but it's also great for male enlargement; as are other green veggies like broccoli, sprouts, kale, cabbage and others. Spinach is loaded with magnesium, which helps improve circulation to you know where for natural male enlargement.

Drink more unsweetened tea:

Not only is tea fabulous for you and a great coffee alternative, but unsweetened tea, as it turns out, is also great for male enlargement. Particularly, start drinking about three or four glasses of green tea daily. It’s got a powerful complex in it called ECGC that improves fat burning, blood supply and testosterone production.

Got to eat those peaches:

Peaches are supple, fruity and delicious; and great for male enlargement as well. They are bursting with vitamin C which, according to studies that were conducted by the University of Texas Medical Branch, increases sperm count in men of all ages (even smokers) exponentially within 90 days. So a peach a day makes you bigger and more sexually active.

Get giddy about eggs:

A standard staple to the classic American breakfast, eggs are really great for you as well. They are packed with protein that helps provide your body with the fuel that it needs to make it through the day. They also contain vitamins B6 and B5, which increases the production of testosterone and assists with male enlargement.

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