Most of us believe that male infertility and impotence are same entities. However, impotence is quite different from infertility. Moreover, infertility in males is a medical condition in which a male is unable to achieve a pregnancy in fertile woman. And, this medical condition occurs due to deficiencies in seminal fluid, and inferior quality of sperm. Furthermore, an infertile male is unable to beget a child. In addition, experts consider a couple as infertile, if they are failing in conception of a child after one to one and half years of unprotected lovemaking activities. Nevertheless, fertility issues in males are not as commonly discussed as female infertility issues.

However, there are several reasons due to which one may suffer from fertility issues. But, low semen production, inadequate amount of sperm in seminal fluid, and inappropriate sperm morphology and motility are leading causes for male infertility. Firstly, some of the causes for low semen production are mentioned below.

1. Any male may suffer from low semen production, if the organ of reproductive system is blocked. Moreover, a blockage can be easily identified, because one would suffer from pain and discomfort. So, he must consult a doctor to determine the causes of blockage.

2. Decrease in production of semen can be caused by retrograde ejaculation. Moreover, in cases of retrograde ejaculation, the seminal fluid would enter into the bladder, instead of ejaculating.

3. Low level of testosterones is also considered as leading cause for low semen production.

Secondly, some of the causes for low sperm count, and inappropriate sperm morphology and motility are mentioned below.

1. Habit of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is considered as a leading cause for inferior quality and inadequate amount of sperms in seminal fluid.

2. Usage of recreational drugs not only affects sperm production but also disturbs sperm motility and morphology.

3. Exposure to heat is another cause for low sperm count. For example, bicycle riding for long periods affects sperm production, motility, and morphology.

4. Certain underlying health condition might cause problems related to production and quality of sperms, for example prostatitis.

5. Malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle can reduce sperm production and, lower the quality of sperm in the seminal fluid.

6. Psychological problems induce negative effects on the functioning of reproductive system. For instance, emotional stress might reduce production of sperms.

However, there are many products in the market to resolve fertility issues in males. But, it is considered that usage of herbal products such as Musli Strong and Night Fire capsule is very effective in the treatment for male infertility. Moreover, herbal products are safe for the user, because they are made with natural ingredients that are used since ancient times to resolve fertility issues in males. Furthermore, Musli Strong and Night Fire capsules improve hormonal balance for adequate production of seminal fluid. And, they nourish the entire body to improve overall health and well-being of the user. In addition, they are beneficial in the treatment for many men's health issues, for example erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Besides, herbal products improve sperm motility and morphology for successful fertilization of egg present inside female reproductive system.

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