When you finally decide to firmly recognize and choose your priorities based on their value, you must have at least 10- 15 minute time slots called time-blocking on your weekly calendar to ensure that you have an effective technique to boost your productivity. Generally there is no other effective system than time blocking in managing time on a monthly, weekly and even permanent basis.

Everyone who does time blocking will notice transformations in their characteristics. People will experience good results when it comes to career, income, personal growth, and relationships. However, this method needs some practice. Do not expect miracles from the first day doing it but if you will just focus on this, I’m sure you will perfectly understand the importance of time management.

Accomplishing this time blocking method takes time. It needs constant support, and repetition along the way. Do not worry if you feel a little stressed thinking about time blocking exercises. This is an indicator that your efforts are enough.

As the start to this, you need to have a daily calendar that will be divided into 10- 15 increments. Even if this is just small time frame, this can jeopardize to catch up with your goals, if by chance you missed out two or more blocks, possible you will not have the opportunity to finish project on time.

The very first thing you do in facing your blank page is to separate your day between personal and work time. This will help you balance your responsibilities at work and your personal duties. If you want free time on Saturday and Sunday, you need to block it within your schedule or else your work will be threat and will move slowly towards your personal time. You need to be definite with your time block schedule.

This is a great way to be assured that you’re not taken over by responsibilities with your personal activities. This will give weight to unimportant things as time goes by. Mostly people trade work for their personal life.

Nonetheless, as time passes by you can’t work without having personal time, so it is suggested that you should even plan your personal time first, then make sure the rest of your time is used productively. The advantage of this is that you are not letting work rule your life and this balance will help to keep you motivated at the end of your working day.

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