With a population of 1.1 million and diverse skills and multicultural backgrounds, Manitoba is the ideal size and place to start or purchase a business or farm, and to raise a family. Manitoba invites you to explore the business-friendly atmosphere and abundant opportunities that await you in the province. Manitoba’s PNP has provisions for almost all international skilled workers, including farmers. The program under the MPNP for Young Farmers facilitates farmers from overseas to explore Manitoba’s business-friendly atmosphere, thereby starting a farm or purchasing one. This program lets the Canadian province to hire eligible people engaged in farm businesses from across the globe. The people nominated by the province must have the intention, as well as the capability to establish themselves and purchase a farm or invest into existing farm businesses in Manitoba.
The successful nominees of this program for young farmers find it easier to obtain the permanent residence status in Canada because they are provided with a certificate stating that they are nominated by the provincial program. This certificate helps in quicker processing of the applications for PR in Canada.
As a farmer in Manitoba, you may choose to practice any or a combination of the following: the tillage of soil, livestock raising and exhibiting, maintaining of horses for racing, raising of poultry, fur farming, dairy farming, mushroom and fruit growing and beekeeping. Manitoba has a total land area of 55.4 million hectares of which 14.6 million hectares (26.5%) have some agricultural use. Over 9.6 million hectares of this area are non-organic soils, and of that 5.5 million hectares are suitable for sustained annual production of cultivated crops. Major Manitoba farm products include wheat, other grains such as barley, oats and rye, oilseeds such as canola, flaxseed and soybeans, a variety of vegetables and fruits, potatoes, beef cattle, swine, dairy cattle and poultry. The average value of capital (both debt and equity) used by Manitoba farmers is approximately CDN$702,000 per farm operation. Capital investment averages 67% for land and buildings, 22% for machinery and equipment and 11% for livestock and poultry inventories.

To qualify under the program applicants must meet the following requirements:
• Have a minimum personal net worth of CDN$150,000 (after relocating to Manitoba)
• Make a minimum amount of equity investment of CDN$150,000 in Manitoba
• Principal applicant must be under 40 years of age.
• Have a minimum of three (3) years of farm ownership experience, or three (3) years farm management background.
• Principal applicant (and/or spouse) has marketable skills that would supplement farm income.
• Have conducted a visit to Manitoba for a minimum of seven (7) days to investigate farming opportunities and Manitoba's quality of life prior to applying.

The applicant must also be prepared to:
• Conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba to be able to provide documented assessment of farm business opportunities in Manitoba and general knowledge of the province.
• Reside in Manitoba along with their dependent family members
• Able to demonstrate that the combination of farm income and off-farm supplementary income will provide a family after tax income, in excess of $35,000.00 per year.

If you are nominated for the program by Manitoba then you will be required to deposit $75000/ with Government. You must start or purchase a farm in Manitoba within two years of obtaining your permanent resident visa and landing in Manitoba. The deposit will be refunded without interest to you when the farm investment described in your application is made, your farm is operational and you are living in Manitoba.

• The Investment from the Nominee's personal assets should be with no less than $150,000 in tangible assets in Manitoba, unless the farm business Investment includes a portion of working capital that is in conformity with the industry's capital investment structure defined by statistics from Industry Canada, and the total investment including working capital is no less than $150,000.
• If an investment is into an existing farm business, the Nominee must control at least 33.33% of the equity, or make a minimum $1 million equity investment in the farm business. In addition, a redemption option should not be included in terms of investment.
• Investment into personal items such as the principal residence that is located off the farm, and motor vehicles for personal use will not be counted as part of business investment.
• Investments into a farm business operated primarily for the purposes of deriving passive investment income are not eligible.

Business Activities
• A farm business entity should have ongoing and recurring business activities in Manitoba.
• The Nominee is required to actively participate in the management of the farm business on an ongoing basis from within Manitoba.
• The farm business must be legal and viable in Manitoba's economic environment, and the applicant should have necessary resources and skills to operate such a farm business.
• The Program requires the Nominee to conduct value-added farm business activities in Manitoba. Purely speculative activities do not quality under the Program.

There are many advantages that Manitoba offers you and your family. Overall, you can expect to pay less in Manitoba for personal living costs than in other provinces of Canada, among the lowest rates for automobile insurance, electricity and retail sales tax. Manitoba also offers you world-class publicly funded health care and an education system that compares with the best anywhere. Added advantages include Manitoba’s central North American location, excellent transportation links, inexpensive and abundant hydro-electric power and productive and affordable agricultural land and operating cost.

Universal Immigration feels proud in saying that we respect the values and importance of our clients who are seriously and genuinely looking to migrate to Canada.

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