Copper, whose chemical symbol is Cu is one of the most important metal for manufacturing and related industries. The term Cu has been derived from the Latin word: Cuprum. Copper has a atomic weight of 29. There are several astonishing properties of copper such as its ductile nature and resistance to temperature and heat which makes it the ideal element for usage in mission critical industries and sectors. One of the most important product of copper is copper wire. Along with tinsel copper wire, this product is the most favored product of industries and manufacturing units. In the following article, we will find out more about the manufacturing process of copper wire and tinsel copper wire.

Step 1: Drawing Process: In this first step of drawing the copper wire, manufactures take out EC grade continuous cast copper of minimum 8 mm diameter for kick-start the process of manufacturing the wire. Huge machines are used for this drawing process to carve different gauge wires.

Step 2: Annealing Process: Once the drawing out of copper wires is being done, the drawn out copper wires are put in electric furnace, usually in a pot for getting it annealed soft wires which can be molded into different shape and sizes.

Step 3: Bunching / Stranding Process: Once the wire has been annealed, it is wound on reels and are accommodated for various process such as bunching and stranding. With this process, manufacturers can easily get different shape and sizes of the wire, easily. Once bunching and/or stranding has been done, the wires are made to pass through nuzzling process for a smooth surface.

Step 4: Tinning Process: There are basically two processes included for tinning process:

a) Hot dip process: In this process, the bunched and/or stranded copper wire is made to pass through pickled tin. The tin is specifically pickled for this unique process. Through this process, tin is being coated around the wire for best results. Additionally, the wire is also wound on reels in this process.

b) Electroplating Process: Generally, there is a separate plant for this process. In this process, there exists a separate electro plating plant. The hot dipped wire, is made to dip in chemicals inside this plant. Afterwards, the wire is made to pass through various degrees of electrical current for the best results.

Step 5: Braiding Process: The final procedure is the braiding process. In this, the wire is bound on reels and other twisting machines for the final part. Hence, different copper wires of varied shape and sizes are carved out for use in industries and manufacturing units.

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