Who would have thunk it? A grand piano at an engineering services exhibit booth? What’s the world coming to?

The world is coming to realize that extraordinary is what it takes to stand out from the crowd and succeed in today’s marketplace.
In this case it was the NACE Corrosion 2011 Expo in Houston – an international annual event drawing a crowd of thousands in the oil and gas and infrastructure industry from around the world. MATCOR is a global company based in Pennsylvania (www.Matcor.com) that provides corrosion protection for all kinds of infrastructures from pipelines & refineries to bridges & commercial buildings. MATCOR’s marketing guru Trevor Eade decided it would be simply fabulous to have someone playing piano at their booth to attract attention and more visitors. Sound wacky?

Wacky works.

Within minutes the MATCOR booth had curious attendees buzzing around tapping their feet to ‘New York New York.’ Within seconds MATCOR’s team members had visitors engaged with products, services and promotional items while gathering valuable info for the company data base. How many leads? More than 500 qualified leads!

Not so wacky.

End result? The MATCOR booth attracted a record number of visitors that together with cohesive team work spelled success on all levels. Cha ching!

Adding music to marketing is not the new big thing. It’s been done before. It’s when, where, and how you mix it that makes the magic.


Next year NACE, MATCOR and this piano-playing motivational speaker are mixing it up in Salt Lake City. Are YOU being creative about marketing your business? If not, why not?

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Houston motivational speaker & professional pianist Theresa Behenna provides entertaining keynotes that uplift, inspire & inform at meetings and conferences across the country. Using live piano music she helps audiences become successful through the same extraordinary performance principles that landed her at the 2006 Olympics.

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