A Sexless marriage is a frustrating and relationship breaking thing. Many sexless partners end up in gloomy marriages or often go down the chaotic path of divorce. This article will point out some of the causes of sexless relationships and also a few ways to "cure" your sexless marriage.

Roots of sexless marriage

* Resentment - Eventually you can build a wall of resentment out of all the petty details and problems in your lives. This prevents to intimacy and ruins the need for your partner. If you neglect to to solve small problems but let them fester this can make you have many sexless nights in your marital bed. You do not want this happen to you, right?
* Complacency - While we like being comfortable in a relationship there is a point where it becomes too much. We become too familiar with our spouse that instead of seeing them as sexual partners they feel more like housemates or brothers or sisters. This is a bad state of over familiarity with each other.
* Body Image insecurities - Many men and women have serious body image concerns and feel that if they are not as fit as they used to be at the beginning of your relationship they are now old and unattractive. Women especially can feel they are so not sexy that they lose their sense of intimacy and their libido drops to near nothing. This also results from the lack of appreciation from a partner.

Sexless marriage "cures"

* Self Respect - confidence in yourself and in the things you are capable of, a spouse and a lover has a role to helping your sexless partner out of their rut. Tending to your own emotions and removing the negative qualities in yourself will help you in many aspect of life and most especially in being an attractive lover. Look at yourself positively, and your lover will do the same.
* Talking to each other. - Without being able to talk about the problems you will never find a way to solve your lack of intimacy in marriage. Consulting one another about your relationship at a deep and personal level and not talking about about your "needs and wants" will help you reveal the problems that you can start to patch up. Do not let a day pass you by without you and your partner having quality time to talk even the important things, and even just the things you each went through that specific day.

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