The soreness in the neck area is often caused by the tightening of the muscles and this is why the best option you have is resorting to massage treatment for neck pain. The chronic tension in the neck and shoulder area is best relieved by specific massage techniques. The massage mainly targets the cricks and kinks in the neck, releasing the massive tension from the affected areas and allowing the muscles to relax.

The main causes responsible for your neck pain can be:

• Your inappropriate position when sitting;

• The fact that you spend too much time sitting;

• The fact that you lift heavy objects;

• Certain hits, accidents or injuries;

• Inappropriate position during sleeping (the absence of proper pillows to offer your neck the support it needs; sleeping on your stomach).

Apart from these, there are also certain conditions you may not know you suffer from, but which can be the cause of your neck pain. Such conditions, which result in neck pain, are: osteoporosis or tumors, ruptured or degenerated cervical disc, nerve dysfunctions, bone spur, spondylosis or congenital problems. Massage treatment for neck pain does not work in these cases. So, if you feel that the massage does not work for you and you may be suffering for some conditions that need special treatment, it is best to resort to a doctor to see what your real problem is.

However, if you have the clear feeling of a stiff neck, caused by inadequate moves while you were asleep, massage is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to forget about the pain and enjoy your day. An ice pack applied on the area can increase the benefits of the massage and help you deal with the intense pain.

Some of the feelings you may experience if you have hurt you neck, in one way or another are: spasms, increased discomfort, headaches and stiffness that limits your ability to turn your head. If you detect one or more of these symptoms, a massage treatment for neck pain will most probably help you feel great in a very short range of time.

Pain in the neck can be of two types: acute, which means it happens suddenly, or chronic, which means it is constant. Chronic pains can come from severe injuries that have been left untreated; they affect your motion quite badly. Depending on your condition, you may need more than one massage session in order to get rid of the pain and regain your full range of motion. Sometimes, massage may be performed several times during a day, to prolong the benefic effects and speed up the healing process.

No matter the kind of massage treatment for neck pain your therapist has chosen for you, they all focus on releasing e tension and eliminating adhesions. Deep muscle massage will not be performed in the areas that are painful.

Massage treatment for neck pain often works on other areas of your body (your back and shoulders), which are closely related to the neck and may also be causing you pain.

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Ben Pianese is registered with Complementary therapy association CThA and has been a bodywork professional for 13 years. He is a passionate believer in continual personal and professional development. Ben can help improve neck pain condition structurally and energetically. To find out more information about Ben Pianese massage therapist specialised in neck pain relief have a look at the Massaggi clinic locations .