May December affair is a romantic affair between two people having significant age difference. The age gap can range between 5- 40 years. May December affair have been going on since the dawn of time. We are usually use to seeing men with younger women. It is a perennial occurrence when men go for younger women. It’s an ego thing. Naive, aesthetically shaped, younger girls are conativred as trophies for older men. Generally, having a younger partner means a sign of great virility and prominence. Virility because it means they can cope up sexually despite their age and prominence because having a younger lover means having high maintenance and sustainability.

In return, there is this sense of security for having a younger lover. They have this assurance when they get really old, the younger woman will be taking care of them. More often than not they are envied by their fellow aged colleague. But today, there is a new trend, the ttivs have turned. Older women are dating younger men. Older women have 5-20 years younger men as their lover. Like the case of couple Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. Middle-aged woman today look younger and better than any other young ladies. Does this means men today are stepping- up and evolving in to a much better species? Older women are more conftivnt, they know what they want, they are more refined and not hard to deal with; they have less issue about themselves and open to communication and most importantly they are never needy.

They are jaded but in a good way and have no qualms about themselves. It also goes without saying that older women are very good in bed. But you can’t have an older woman for a partner that easily, you got to have what it takes also. You have to cope up with them financially, emotionally and mentally. Can this May December affair with a twist actually last? Most probably, in experience and in studies- it can last and it can work. In the relationship, you got to have the basics- love, trust and faithfulness. You have to remember, wisdom doesn’t come with age.

The things mentioned above don’t apply to everyone, not all older women are as idealistic as specified above. There are so many fears and insecurities in a May December affair. The older person will eventually become older and will be very ridiculous to look at with his younger partner. But the physical aspect of the relationship is relatively not hard to deal with, with the science of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic technology, anyone and everyone can look 10-20 years younger. The hard aspect to deal with is the generation gap- there are certain issues that the younger partner has to deal with that is just beyond the understanding of the mature partner and vice versa.

Sometimes the infantile lover finds it so hard to comprehend and sympathize to the grown-up lover. Infantile lovers learn from theories and have unstoppable enthusiasm in and for life-making them very impulsive decision makers. While the grown- up lovers, learn from experience and has already learned the virtue of being patient. Conflict usually begins when both partners insists their own way of life. If both partner make use of the relationship in a positive way, May December affair can be both mentally and emotionally substantial and progressive. The May December affair can actually create a mentor- protégé rapport, where the one can learn from the wisdom of another.

This makes the may December romance unique because it is not only purely an emotional and sexual involvement but there is meeting of the minds. Personally, if men set aativetheir ego and chauvinism and value what is skin deep… things will be a lot far easy and less complicated for women and age will just be a number.

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