There are many responsibilities and duties that a medical assistant perform. He has to maintain the record and to schedule the appointments in a clinic and a hospital or any health care center. They are also able to perform many other tasks like giving injections, taking X-rays, but it is all depending on their qualification and the laws that are set in any state. A high school diploma is required for a medical assistant as a minimum education. In some states, a special training and an examination are necessary for the entire medical assistant who is working in a clinic. Some medical employers prefer that they should have a certificate and proper training. In this article, we are going to give you information about medical assistant education.

The Skills and Minimum Requirements

If you want to get an entry-level job as a medical assistant then you need a high school diploma or a high school equivalency. You have to take the high school classes in science and it would be better if they are in anatomy, biology, and chemistry. All the medical assistants must have good interpersonal skills because they have to deal with medical professionals and patients. Very careful attention is required to details and it can be done with strong analytical skills.

The Need for On-the-Job training

All the medical assistants who are newly hired have to get special training from the very experienced member of the office and that person can be a physician or a senior medical assistant who is trained enough. The on job training consists of several months and it must cover all the related topics such as all the medical and office tasks. He has to learn the medical abbreviation and all the method that are used in the hospital or a clinic to treat the patients. His main responsibility is to record the health information of all the patients visiting the clinic and all the electronic record is also maintained by him.

The Formal Training Programs

In some states, it is necessary for a medical assistant to complete a formal training program. They have to attend some training programs arranged by the employer even when there is no state requirement. Some of the employers prefer hiring the graduates who have attended formal training programs. There are many medical colleges and vocational schools where these certificate programs are organized and they usually take about one year to complete. In these courses, they have to learn the medical vocabulary, the insurance procedures, anatomy, and pharmacology along with the laboratory classes.

Some State Requirements

A Medical assistant must know how to perform the entire clinical task like taking the blood samples, X-rays, and they also have to meet some special requirements set by the state. It depends on the law and these medical assistants have to pass an examination. In some states, both accredited education and examination is required.

If they want to enhance their medical assistant job then they must take the certificate. For this minimum age of 28 yeas is required to apply.

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