Meditation is amazing, we can sit for hours and them all of a sudden we feel something in our body that makes us feel uncomfortable. But if we just sit and feel — it disappears.

And Life is Like That Too

When we are out in life things can get uncomfortable with certain types of feelings that come up, and our first thought is to escape and not deal with those feelings. But if we just sit, accept those feelings— be it sadness, anger, or any other feeling we soon find that the feeling disappears on its own. The same thing happens during meditation, we want to scratch our nose, or we have a little bit of discomfort in our lower back, but soon if we just sit with that feeling it melts away.

It’s All About Being Human
All of this is about being a normal human being, we all have feelings… and feelings come and go. But many of us don’t want to accept our own feelings. Thus we push our feelings down and they go deep into our unconscious. But sooner or later those feelings will come to the surface when we least expect it. Perhaps something trivial happens and we blow up with lots of anger. Usually, that anger has nothing to do with the situation at hand, it has to do with feelings we buried deep down inside that we have never dealt with.

The Amor We Wear is Removed

Normally we have lots of amor that we wear and don’t even know it. If something happens early in life that creates a psychological wound— we build up a thick skin covering it up. And from that point on we don’t acknowledge our feelings. And if we shut off one feeling we shut off all feelings. And this soon becomes a habit… and thus we have a hard time in life because we really don’t know what we are feeling— because sooner or later we become numb. But in meditation, we soon learn that all that armor really doesn’t help. Deep down inside all those wounds are still raw and still need to be felt and let go of. It’s the only way to heal… and meditation can speed up the healing process.

It Takes Courage to Meet Ourselves

Sometimes we have to learn to love the one we see in the mirror to the point that we start the healing journey and allow our own nakedness to be opened up to the world. To allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to have our feelings, and to know that being vulnerable is truly being human. For to be vulnerable allows our heart to open up and heal. Have you ever had someone pour their heart out to you with all their feelings… you can even feel the healing when this happens. Being vulnerable allows us to be loving, kind, and compassionate, so we can have loving relationships and even love the one we see in the mirror.

Meditation Helps Us Grow

And yes meditation helps us understand our feelings, to accept them as a normal part of life. Because with meditation we learn to not run away from feeling uncomfortable and be with that feeling. If we just hang on for a little while longer and accept what we are feeling and feel it all… soon that feeling will dissipate and that is the normal process of feeling. Feelings are fleeting, they come and they go… if we allow ourselves to feel and be vulnerable.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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