Named for King Charles II, this dog has long been a favorite companion in the United Kingdom and is now seeing a rising popularity in the United States as well. These little spaniels make wonderful family pets and generally get along with children and other animals. Because they are friendly, outgoing dogs, they do not make very good watchdogs. However, for those looking for a great companion that is more than just another lapdog, this breed might be a perfect fit. Before beginning to look for Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale, though, it's best to know a little about the breed to ensure the pup gets the best possible care and training.

While considered a toy breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is still very much an active sporting dog; unlike many other toy breeds, it loves to romp and play and thrive if given a fenced yard to exercise in. However, the Cavalier King Charles will also adapt to apartment life, provided that it is taken on an adequate daily walk. Cavalier King Charles appear in four recognized colors; ruby (rich brown-red) Prince Charles (tri-color) King Charles (black and tan) and Blenheim (red and white). While their ancestors were Pugs bred with the larger King Charles Spaniel, these dogs have a personality all their own, which many owners have remarked are a perfect combination of gentle companionship with the spirit of a sporting dog.

You can find Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale in Ohio or many other parts of the Midwest; be sure to buy from a reputable site or breeder, as many Cavalier King Charles Puppies for sale in pet stores come from puppy mills and may have a multitude of health and behavior problems. Always ask questions about the breeder a specific puppy is coming from if you can't meet the puppy beforehand; many breeders and reputable websites will be glad to answer questions about their practices and show documentation before a puppy is picked up or shipped. Fortunately, there are many professional, humane breeders offering Cavalier King Charles puppies for sale in Ohio at reasonable prices.

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