We plan to have a family based on the dream of family harmony.
But supporting a family emotionally and financially is not that easy. The bigger the family the more directions you are pulled in at one time.
If you parent more than one child you know how hard it can be when both children demand your undivided attention at the same time, while the phone is ringing, dinner is cooking and your mate is trying tell you something important. At the same you might look around at your home and see mess after mess. And while all this is happening, you feel so deeply in need of a nap!
Single parents have the added challenge of having no other parent around to help out.
Once you are in the thick of raising children, you realize that it may be one of the most taxing tests life delivers, and it delivers it everyday.
We plan to have a family based on the dream of family harmony.
A common mistake we parents make is to drive ourselves too hard.
There is a far more sane and simple solution to meeting your family demands.
The moment you feel your pressure starting to mount, instead of surging forward in attempt to get it all done, let go and lighten up! This is both a self-help and a family help solution.
While one child tugs at your sleeve and the other spills juice on your foot, take an INTERNAL time out.
Remain still, relax your body, and calm your nerves by breathing gently, fully, calmly.
Stand in a juice puddle (or even the pee puddle, for that matter) and just let it all BE. Let YOURSELF just BE.

You need to live in peace and poise to appreciate all the good in your life, and to avoid feeling over-burdened, depressed and chronically annoyed.

It is our attachment to control over externals, not the demands of others or of our environment, that really drives us into an emotional frenzy.

Having a family IS a gift, but you have to be at peace to enjoy it.

And with this joy comes your power to be a better parent, partner, worker and human being.

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