The human body and all its functions are governed by hormones. The hormones, their presence in the body and secretion all affect how the human body performs and grows both mentally and physiologically. Therefore, it is imperative for the human body to have all the hormones in a balance and in adequate supply for the body to perform normal.

There are different hormones with different functions associated with them. The major hormones that play a crucial role in functioning of human body include estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and the crucial Melatonin. All these hormones in a generic way can be regarded as growth hormones, which are then dependant on different triggering hormones such as sermorelin dosage ghrp-6. The lines below give a detail of the melatonin hormone and the crucial role it plays in human health.

Pineal Gland:

Pineal gland is a gland located in the human brain which is the size of a pea but exceeds the reputation associated with its size. Initially, Pineal gland was considered a useless part of the body, however, later medical advancements have proved its crucial significance. Besides generating other hormones, Pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin.


The discovery of melatonin took place about 50years ago, since than it has proven to be a miraculous hormone that governs and regulates different human health and growth functions. Above all the most important property of melatonin is that it serves as an anti-cancer protector.

Melatonin Secretion:

According to scientists the secretion of melatonin takes place at the time of night when we fall asleep. The blood concentrations of hormones rise in the dark and are at its peak after 90 minutes of sleep. Therefore, the secretion of melatonin is at its peak during sleep.

Functions And Properties of Melatonin:

Researchers and scientists attribute several properties with melatonin. The major function it performs are concerned with physiological health and well being. Some of the major bodily functions associated with the hormone melatonin are given below:

• The major function performed by melatonin is the regulation of circadian rhythms which are responsible for or sleep/waking cycle. Therefore, a person having a disrupted waking/sleep cycle has a disturbed melatonin level.
• The other property associated with melatonin is the destroyer of free radicals. This property of melatonin ensures proper cell division and DNA synthesis.
• Melatonin is also associated with the inhibition of estrogen; another important human hormone.
• Melatonin also helps prevent and fight breast cancer. It increases the cytotoxicity of the lymphocytes in the human immune system which then help in resisting and fighting breast cancer.
• Melatonin is also associated with increasing the tumor-fighting power of Vitamin D, which increases the ability of the vitamin to fight tumor growth. As a matter of fact, it enhances the tumor fighting ability of vitamin D by 25-100 times.
• The hormone melatonin also serves as aromatase inhibitor, which is a powerful protection against the cancers that depend on estrogen.

If the level of melatonin or its secretion gets disturbed in the body it can be stabilized with the help of human growth hormone treatment, which leads to an adequate secretion of melatonin.

In short, the importance of melatonin in body health and functions is evident and imperative. Therefore, the level of melatonin in body need to be carefully monitored and any fluctuations in the level should be instantly addressed.

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