Not able to last longer during sex can severely affect your relationship with your woman.

It is every woman's deepest sexual desire to have a partner who can last long enough to give them a penetration orgasm - the intense, full-body orgasm that makes them shake and long for more.

But sadly, most women are unable to experience this kind of sexual pleasure their ‘counterparts’ get during penetrative sex.

Now, what I'm about to share with you may challenge your beliefs. But it is very important. So I'm going to shoot straight with you.

Not able to last long enough during sex to give your woman at least one penetration orgasm, can severely affect your relationship with her, shake your confidence and destroy your self-image.

But not only that; if you can’t last long enough…

You deprive your woman of the sexual satisfaction she desperately craves

Your woman looks at one thing when it comes to sex… ORGASM!

Now, how would you feel when your girl goes down on you... gets you all nice and hard... gets you closer to the edge of ejaculation... then all of a sudden she stops, gets up and walks away?

You would get really frustrated, right?

Yes, that's how your woman feels every time you blow your load too soon before she achieves an orgasm.

Secondly, if you can’t last long enough…

She will question your manliness

If this continuous every time you have sex, she will start to resent you.

She will see you as LOSER and will lose respect for you.

She will NOT want to have sex with you any longer. And she will easily get pissed and start fights over unnecessary issues.

In the worst possible case scenario…

It makes her crave a real man who can last long enough to satisfy her

Women love sex just as much as men (maybe even MORE). But not with a guy that leaves her feeling UNSATISFIED.

If you can't give your woman those exciting penetration orgasms she craves then her body will ‘tell’ her to go find another guy who can.

If she is your wife, she will lose interest quickly, and might cheat on you to get better sex, or even leave you for a better lover.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together for a very long time or you are high school sweethearts. The truth is, if she is not getting what she wants in bed, she will be disappointed and she will often cheat to get better sex.

No high value, emotionally healthy woman wants to date or be with a guy who can't last long enough to satisfy her.

Even if she says she doesn't mind and puts up with it at first, even if she DOES stick around, she won’t want to have sex with you very often.

Sure, you could be great at oral, but she wants that amazing orgasms her friends get during PENETRATIVE sex.

Trust me, you will buy her expensive gifts, take her to expensive dinners, do anything to make her happy, but it's only a matter of time until she leaves you for some other guy.

Understand: When your woman says that she doesn’t need to orgasm to have great sex, it's because she's never had a penetration orgasm before and therefore doesn’t know what great sex is... or she is just saying it to spare your feelings.

So now the first question is, how long SHOULD you last during intercourse?

And the answer is this:

As long as it takes her to achieve a REAL penetration orgasm!

Majority of women requires about 10-15 minutes of constant penetration (targeted at the right orgasmic spot) to reach a penetration orgasm. So if you can last at least 15 minutes and hit her at the right spots, she will experience a penetration orgasm and be sexually fulfilled.

Understand this: She can get off a lot faster when you spend a lot of time on foreplay and oral sex. [Read 4 ingredients to great sex]

Lasting longer during sex changes everything

If you last longer during sex and give her penetration orgasms on a regular basis, everything about your relationship will change.

You will have hot, pulsating sex available to you whenever you desire. She will be the one initiating the sex and will want to have sex more often (even more than you do).

She will be eager to please you and try anything you suggest… you know!

She will do you favours, buy you gifts, and even pay for dinner.

So it is important to be able to last long enough during sex to give your wife or girlfriend penetration orgasms – not one, multiple. AND fulfil her deepest sexual desires.

NOW, the second question is, how long DO you last in bed…

5 seconds? 1 minute? 5 minutes?

Again, majority of women requires about 10-15 minutes of constant penetration to reach a penetration orgasm.

So if you blow your load sooner than you want or you don’t last AT LEAST 20 minutes during sex, then I strongly recommend you check out these two resources: Ejaculation by Command and Extreme Stamina. It will TREMENDOUSLY help you improve your sexual endurance.

Good luck!

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