Mental strength will always stump physical strength. Well, I can hear you ask; “what do I mean by this statement?” The evidence abound in every area of life – academics, sports, business and any other endeavour that require the development of our mental faculties. Have wondered why a particular football team wins over another. Outwardly they appeared to have given the entire can but the better side worn. What is the secret for them to snatch this victory at the last minute or even second s to the end of the match? It simply boils down to share mental strength. Why do we have to develop mental strength and why is preferred to physical strength? The answer is very simple; every successful outcome doesn’t start from the thin air. It is first formed in our imagination and the ability to develop and use the imagination is the key to mental development as well as success in material or physical world. Briefly, I’ll discuss steps to mental development.

Steps to mental development
There are three processes to mental development:
1. Getting information from a sense to its associated brain centres which then make the mind centre conscious that particular information has been transmitted to it.
2. Organizing the informatio9n in the mind centre with relation to other information previously brought to the mind
3. The mind centre directs its co-related brain centre to send out a certain impulse of action to the corresponding muscular structure.
How does this apply to real life?
Let us analyse an illustration of the three process of mental development. Suppose you first hear something that concerns particular prospect for ‘goods of sale’
Second you comprehend the significance to you of what you heard.
Third, your mind directs your muscle to make a particular use of what you comprehend.
The original mental impression has been fully developed because you employed all three processes. If you had not completed the cycle of development, you could have given your mind only partial exercise with what you heard.
This ability of developing your mental acuities in order to act to the stimuli impressed in your sense through perception is relevant in your development as an idea seller and therefore a master salesman. The idea for creating this work was borne out of the request of a customer who read an article I wrote; and asked for more enlightenment on how to develop her interest to business.

The ability to achieve and work on all the three cycles of mental development is key to success and great achievement. Success only comes to the person who acts most effectively on what he knows; after all, you are not paid for what you know but what you do with now and how you impact other peoples’ life with it.

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