A person with a mental health issue like bipolar, will often have problematic sleep patterns. Bipolar when it strikes, brings with it very serious challenges. The sleep disorder insomnia, is often one of the challenges, to be faced by those with bipolar. Those who have both insomnia, and bipolar, can be effected severely, in multiple aspects of their lives.

Those with bipolar, and insomnia, that are in relationships, will have to work hard, to make their relationships last. The mates of those with bipolar, and insomnia, will need to be educated about mood disorders, and sleep disorders, and will need to be extraordinarily understanding, to make the relationship last.

People with bipolar, will at times isolate themselves, from those they love. Sleep disorders like insomnia, can in a way, cause one to do the same. This can be hard for the mates of a person with bipolar, and insomnia, to understand and deal with. You can find more information on this subject on my site The Challenges of Mental Illness

Education about the effects of mood, and sleep disorders, is very important. Education can help ones loved ones understand, why the inflicted is isolating themselves from them.

Bipolar disorder brings with it extreme mood swings. Insomnia brings with it, excessive tiredness, and restlessness. Both bipolar disorder, and insomnia, can severely effect a relationship.

Additional Dangers of Insomnia:

Each year at least 100,000 automobile accidents are attributable to sleepiness and fatigue. As a result of those 100,000 accidents, over 1500 people die each year, according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) This equates to an automobile accident every 5 minutes and a fatal accident every 6 hours.

According to researchers at the Centre for Sleep Research at the University of South Australia, after 24 hours of wakefulness, a person's performance on cognitive tests was equivalent to that seen in persons who are legally intoxicated with a blood alcohol concentration of.10. In my state, a.08 blood to alcohol reading is illegal, and one is considered to dangerous to drive.

A person who has bipolar and insomnia, that is not getting proper sleep, should be extremely careful about what they choose to do. In example; If as result of insomnia, a person is not well rested and chooses to drive, it is remarkably similar, in fact, to driving drunk. The dangers and consequences of driving drunk is well reported.

Have Insomnia? Try These Helpful Suggestions:

1-Wind down prior to going to bed.
2-Take hot baths, but not just before you are gonna go to bed.
3-Limit nicotine and caffeine before getting ready for bed.
4-If after 15 minutes in bed, you are having problems falling asleep, try reading a book until sleepy.
5-Have no noticeable lamps near you.
6-Exercise, but not right before going to bed.
7-Try and keep a regular bedtime.
8-When you are drowsy, get in the habit of going right to bed then.

There are also over the counter, and prescribed medications for help for insomnia.

With healthy habits, and professional treatment, both the mood disorder bipolar, and the sleep disorder insomnia, can usually be managed. Being educated about the potential dangers, and the challenge of living with bipolar, and insomnia, is critical for both the inflicted and their loved ones.

Author's Bio: 

Gerald Bouthner is a proud father, and writer. I have been living with bipolar disorder for 20 years. I have published articles, and a blog about mental health. http://mentalhealthlivingwithbipolar.blogspot.com