MS Project is project management software. It is designed to facilitate the project manager with useful tools to handle the tasks. This software permits user to develop plan, assign tasks, receive tasks and much more. This project is very useful in tracking the schedule, growth, and budget management. MS Project gives you various options to completing a single task, and then you can pick the most favorable way to accomplish your goal. This will explain you the facts of every aspect of opting the mode and therefore, it make things easier for initiating project. MS Project help organizations choose projects that align with their business priorities by offering technique, which can objectively prioritize business policy. In this way, you can make best use of available resources. MS Project is the most certain user interface that has all the tools for planning and managing any project.

With MS Project user can easily schedule and control project management. This provides better support to the project and workers at all levels. It can easily replicate the tasks into Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook, to enhance communication. This software can create task lists, execute round-trip synchronization so all the team members can accept and renew project tasks using SharePoint. Users can save time and unite task status updates and submissions by means of Single Entry Mode. MS Project attaches with common Microsoft technologies like Office 2010, SharePoint, and Exchange Server to provide powerful work management capabilities by using familiar tools. MS Project has the feature of scalability; offers 64-bit compatibility to make sure that the solution continues to meet business necessities. Hence, it is the most proficient way of managing projects.

Project managers often choose putting MS Project servers on cloud. They take service from application hosting or cloud computing service providers and use MS Project hosting services. They provide terminal servers to the users to store and run their applications. MS project services with hosted services can be accessed through internet from anyplace and at anytime. Apart from that, there are few more helpful features of MS Project Hosting, enlisted below:

• Scalability: MS Project on cloud provides scalability. User can easily increase the capacity as per their requirement. They do not need hardware or software adjustments, all these things are managed by MS Project service providers.

• Economical: Hosting vendors who host your application, setup and maintain IT infrastructure therefore user do not need to hire special IT staff for this purpose which reduces cost. All they require is just a computer with internet service. Clients receive a user friendly interface just like desktop or web interface. They can avail the service as per their necessity and they only need to pay as per usage, this again results in cost shrinking.

• Reliable Data Storage and Backup: Cloud computing or application hosting service providers save data in multiple centers. This allows user to access their application even during any natural calamity. In case the server of one location gets down then user can have access over another.

• Extreme Security: The hosting vendors who give MS Project hosting services ensure data security. The data centers they use are usually SAS no. 70 Type II compliant. They keep data under excessive security, they have restricted, and password protected entry. Not only this, the data transfer through internet is encrypted via 128 bit data encryption technology to protect from any hacker. Hence user’s data remains secured.

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