Providing multilingual call centers has become crucial in a global environment where the number of ethnic groups in North America continues to grow, and as businesses increasingly pursue international and diverse markets. Having the capability to communicate in multiple languages will enable your business to experience opportunities in a range of markets and benefit from a higher customer acquisition rate. Languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese increase opportunities for businesses to pursue both international and diverse North American markets.
Many of the top BPO providers today, offer multilingual call centers that deal with a wide range of languages including the most widely used languages.

With multi-channel contact centers offering voice, email and chat services, customers are immediately pleased to find someone who can converse in his or her language. It will certainly foster a more positive image for your company’s services. There is a high degree of personalization possible through multi- language communication. Thus it makes sense for global businesses to think of having multilingual call centers.
Thanks to globalization businesses are trying to reap the maximum benefits of an integrated global economy. They want to capture as much of the market as possible. This means that their marketing campaigns, customer care and help desk services to be conducted in many languages so as to reach out and cater to as many global customers as possible.
Recent economic obstacles such as the current recession also make it imperative for the businesses to look to a global customer base. Such business ambition definitely requires the marketing as well as the customer care agents to be proficient in different global languages.

Multilingual Call Centers – The ARC Pointe Difference
- Agent Training & Certification
To enforce high quality standards, our multilingual customer service agents are critically assessed in the interview process on their reading, writing, speaking and translation skills in both English and the language of the queue they will be working in.
- Neutral Accents
The location of our centers and consistency of language being spoken ensures that we maintain accent-neutral queues in all languages in our multilingual call centers.
- Language Consistency
In our multilingual call centers, agents converse with callers in one language throughout the duration of their shift, increasing the quality of each call through consistency of communication.

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