In 2010, I moved, attended one symphony, took two cab rides, read 39.5 books, watched 18 movies, visited seven museums, had a banner year with eight Broadway shows as well as eight train trips, travelled by plane 12 times, spent 38 nights in hotels, witnessed the death of a dear friend, mastered Skype, gained-lost-regained the same 10 lbs., started a blog, wrote a book, began a radio show (more on this soon), upped my flossing, lost my motivation for the gym and generally was blessed by the universe and loved ones in countless ways.

Yes, I counted. Life goes by so quickly; the memories can get all lumped together from one year to the next; everything gets murky. It has been helpful to have a handful of facts to ground my prior 12 months.

And along with my counts, there have been experiences that have deepened my being. Here are my top 12 lessons from 2010:

1. I have looked in the mirror; I can no longer catch up with the promise of my youth – looks wise, energy wise and ambition wise. Thank God, I’m tired.

2. Comfort matters – in clothing, shoes, friends, furniture and surroundings.

3. New experiences keep me juicy.

4. Spinal integrity – standing in the truth of who you are -- counts.

5. Follow the laughter.

6. Simple always works.

7. Disappointment is like quick sand -- get out fast before you are sucked under and weighted down.

8. The regular and frequent use of color and fragrance, fresh flowers and fresh veggies are necessary for the care and feeding of both my body and soul.

9. Candlelight opens the door for mystery – and makes me look mah-velous.

10. Peace is invaluable, which is why it is so hard to come by.

11. Forgiveness is necessary.

12. Time is an arbitrary boundary; energy is where all the action is.


I love the promise of the blank page that comes with the New Year or new week or new month or, hey, even the next hour. That’s one of my favorite parts about being human: we can decide to rethink or refashion our lives with some clear thought, a strong heart and an agreeable gut. It is that easy: if mind, heart and gut are in alignment we can co-create anew. There is always choice; there is always possibility.

As we approach this new season, may you allow yourself the opportunity to reflect and review your 2010. Pop open your fizzy water, light a candle, grab your journal and allow yourself to look back so that you can look forward with a greater understanding.

What did you chose to let go and release? What did you strengthen and heal? And as you step into 2011, what is it that you dream and envision for yourself? Can you identify 3, 5 or, even, 10 areas in each category?

Many blessings to you, dear readers, I so enjoy our connection and look forward to a high-vibratory and fun-filled 2011 with you. May this New Year find you full of great sparkle!

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Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D, is a transpersonal psychologist and higher consciousness teacher. You can learn more at her website: and her blog: