Although in some cases cancer can be a genetic link, in many cases a person can actually reduce their risk of cancer or quite possibly prevent it. If you are doubting this, take just a few moments to read this article because it may save your life or a loved one's life. Tuck in the back of your head, what about smoking? Many years ago, we didn't realize it caused cancer and numerous people laughed at the fact that it was linked to cancer. But later years and with more detailed research, we discovered that certain kinds of cancer can in fact be reduced or even eliminated if we don't smoke.

Also you need to realize that nothing is an absolute. However, following this plan does not guarantee that you won't get cancer. What it does is helps you prevent it and if you do get cancer, it makes you stronger to fight it.

First Step: Eliminate the Toxins Around Us

This is critical because the toxins around us cause our livers to have to filter more "garbage" and can cause our bodies to not function effectively. Not only are our livers effected but our entire immune system is weakened when our bodies are constantly bombarded by toxins.

These toxins can be found in many things. If finances limit how much you are able to remove the toxins, then do whatever you can afford.. Any change is better than no change. The following is a listing of places toxins like to hide:

* Our cleaners - not just the tough bathroom cleaners but also dish wash, window cleaner, hand/bath soaps and fabric softeners. (IF done right, this can actually be less expensive than the chemical cleaners)

* Our skin care and makeup - aim for a natural safe one. Go online and research to see which companies have the fewest toxins or better yet, no toxins in their skin care and makeup.

* Our foods (This includes supplements) - aim away from processed foods that are loaded with preservatives, nitrites, high fructose corn syrup or trans fats. Organic isn't always what it is cut out to be but if you can choose meats that aren't injected with chemicals and fruits without pesticides, this is an excellent start. Limit the white sugars and flours. Choose complex carbohydrates and foods high in fiber when making food choices.

* Our water - bottled water rarely is filtered. Choose water that at least filters out pesticides and lead. You'd be amazed that the number one selling water pitcher doesn't even filter these two basic contaminants.

* Prescriptions - There is certainly a time for prescriptions and a time for natural health care. We believe the two work best together. However, if you need to be on a prescription, check into which supplements the prescription gobbles up so you can replace it adequately before it is too late. Also it never hurts to use a liver cleanse periodically to help filter the chemicals from the liver.

strong>2. Step Two: Build Up Your Immune System

By building up your immune system, your body can not only resist cancer better but also any illness minor or major coming its way. It'll be better prepared to fight stress, fatigue, and also auto immune diseases.

* You need to use caution when choosing your regimen because 97% of supplements on the market have labels that are incorrect so you need to choose a reputable company. The majority of the population would benefit from a high quality multivitamin, calcium (for women), Vit D3 (for the locations that don't receive sufficient sun), and a balanced protein. Other supplements that may help reduce the risk of cancer are green tea, Vit E, Fish Oil (Omega - make sure it is triple purified), B complex, probiotic, and Vit E.

* Exercise and Weight Management (Diet) - as much as you were dreading that we mention the dreaded D-word, it is a necessary component to reducing your risk of cancer. When we are overweight, especially the belly weight or belly fat, it increases our risk of cancer. This fat actually can create a chemical that increases the risk of certain cancers. So yes, we need to get up and move and eat healthy choices. But if we are limiting our processed foods and white flours and sugars as mentioned in step one, maintaining a healthy weight is easier.

* Alternative medicines - chiropractors, acupuncture, yoga, etc serve a definite purpose in our lives and can help reduce stress among other major problems. Trying alternative medicines for specific problems is not hokey: it is smart. These forms of medicine reduce the stress and toxins in our body and allow it to heal naturally. Now, we aren't saying for a cancer patient to skip chemo or anything else - this is a personal choice. We are saying to use all forms of medicine available to get the best results.

By doing steps 1 and 2, you have dramatically reduced your risk of not only cancer but also of many illnesses - minor and major. It never hurts to have some things in your hip pocket too if you need them. If money is a concern, there are a number of companies that even offer a cancer insurance policy that is very reasonable. With many of these policies, you can pay a small monthly fee for a guaranteed lump sum. You can get it for 1 person or for a household and surprisingly, the cost is not much different. You can also choose an option that allows you to receive all of your premiums back if no one gets cancer in a 20 year period. It is a win - win deal. You get a lump sum if someone gets cancer to help pay for unexpected charges - alternative medicine, time off from work... it doesn't matter. If you don't use the policy, better yet - no cancer and you get the refunds back.

Lastly, most of us know this but still seem to find excuses to dodge our appointments. Early detection is critical for any kind of cancer, so it is necessary to stay on top of your physicals and lab tests to check for signs of cancer.

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