Effective fat loss comes from healthy and sustainable fat (excess of which leads to serious root diseases like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes etc) shedding while maintaining your muscle reserves and water in the body. Remember we do not want to upset the body’s natural metabolism rhythm and cycle, or hormonal balance. Man, by divine plan, is born strong and healthy with a natural capacity to rejuvenate and renew the self. So, even essential health care or reinvention is best rendered through using all the elements and herbs available freely in nature!

But before one takes recourse to the time-tested nature cure in which diet regulation and proper exercises play a major role to lose excess body fat naturally, one needs to have the courage of the conviction that nature alone possesses the power of healing and the direction you are headed will bring the results you seek. Increase your confidence in your ability to reduce the ungainly girth of your waist or the ugly extra fat deposits on the thighs and hips, midriff, neck, and arms. Mean values of body fat for the normal young men is 12% and for young women about 23-26% of the total body weight.

How do you benefit from ways to lose excess body fat naturally?

1. Energized muscles particularly in the abdomen and waist hold back expansion of these areas and make the body look well-proportioned

2. Person does not easily get tired

3. Mind is more active and alert

4. Every part of the body is attractive, lean and agile

5. Body tolerates extra stress and work load

6. If you are married, conjugal life is more harmonious and satisfying

7. Personality is balanced and charming

8. Toxic elements in the body get burnt out due to intake of 1830 grains of oxygen per hour during exercises, and the body becomes free of all diseases

Natural Fat Burners

1. It all depends on calories. Do not consume food in excess of physiological needs. Generally recommended that your calorie intake should be reduced by half

2. Be careful about the cooking method. A potato (100 calories) cooked with 20 gms of butter or a slice of bread (60 calories) with butter or jam smeared on it, have their calorie values increased two or three times! Better stick to baked or toasted foodstuff

3. Beware of carbohydrates and proteins. People have the misconception that proteins have very less calories and help in burning body fat. Bust the myth! The truth is that there is always some amount of fat in every type of meat (believed to to be ‘pure protein’) and eggs do not have pure protein except in the white yolk. If your food contains fat and carbohydrate, the effect of burning out fat is rendered ineffective

4. Results will be self-revealing. A glass of warm water mixed with the juice of half a lemon goes a long way in jump starting the body’s fat metabolism and adds an unmistakable glow to your face and figure

5. Take ‘Slim-n-Trim capsules’- an important and potent combination of all ayurvedic and natural ingredients that can beautifully and safely complement your breakthrough to lose excess body fat naturally by helping in reducing the waist line and overall cellulite, toning and firming the skin, revving up your metabolism to burn more calories. The composition of these miracle capsules is the safest formulation in the market to suppress excessive hunger and conversion of sugars or carbohydrate into fats.

6. Include the wonderful nutrients like millet, oats, barley, brown rice, alfalfa seeds, sprouts in your diet regime and undertake short juice fasts of lemon, grapes, orange, pineapple, cabbage, celery for 7-10 days followed by an all-fruit diet for another 4-5 days, repeated at intervals of two months. Clean bowels daily with warm water enema during the first few days of the treatment

7. Adopt holistic approach towards life. Brisk walk for 45 minutes and exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming, certain yogic asanas (consult your trainer) to sweat out fat and help you lose the bulges.

So, if you are seeking runaway success of natural fat loss, enjoy the above opportunities and elevate yourself to be your own competition each time a sleeker, younger you emerges.

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