I’ve seen it time and time again – women who lose their inspiration, their passion for life. Instead of focusing on goals that will help them feel fulfilled, they are mired in the demands of everyday life. In addition, they often fear the thought of trying to achieve something new, special, wonderful. They’ve lost their child-like belief that anything is possible and have developed uncertainty in its place.

Are you ready to move past the fear and become motivated to pursue your passion? Then read on to experience stories from women just like you who overcame obstacles and found true, lasting success.

Success Outside the Boardroom

It was about 10 years ago that a woman I’ll call Sheila had a very demanding career as a high-level executive for a Fortune 500 company. Although it was satisfying and exciting to manage the sales department, Sheila always knew that she would someday become a mother. With her fortieth birthday rapidly approaching, it was now or never. But Sheila was afraid that taking time off to have a baby would be the death knell for her career.

Ultimately the desire for motherhood won out and Sheila took a leave of absence from her job to give birth to her daughter. Soon after she got pregnant again, this time with a boy, and the time away from her corporate career lengthened. When she was finally ready to return to her job, she wasn’t too surprised to find that her former position had been filled.

It was time to reinvent herself. Sheila was a natural saleswoman and she knew she could always fall back on this skill. But this time, instead of heading back to the boardroom, Sheila created an office in her home and started a blog about parenting. The blog soon paid for itself with advertisements and from there Sheila made another change, starting her own company selling toys and educational tools for kids that she’d personally tested and approved. Today, Sheila is once again earning a good living while thoroughly enjoying her work – both as a salesperson and a mother.

From the Bottom to the Top

Heather’s story is a bit different. She was 30-something, had a minimum wage job, a husband, and three young children when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Heather was subjected to many long months of chemotherapy and radiation which prevented her from working at her job but ultimately killed the cancer – and also her credit. With mounting medical bills, a bald head, and a sagging sense of self-esteem, her husband decided he no longer wanted to be married and left Heather to fend for herself and the kids.

Most women would have collapsed under the pressure but Heather is not like most women. In order to get a fresh financial start she declared bankruptcy, then began doing odd jobs from home with the help of her computer so she could be there when her kids came home from school. At the same time, she enrolled in an online college, taking one class at a time because it was all she could afford.

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