Medical malpractice is the area of law that deals with negligence and unethical behavior by healthcare professionals. Whether it is a nurse, doctor, dentist, chiropractor or caretaker, each member in the medical field has certain rules and ethics that need to be followed. What makes an act negligent is the fact that the healthcare provider is intentionally deviating from the proper methods and procedures that adhere to medical standards. Medical malpractice not only pertains to improper actions taken against a patient, but also to the omission of certain acts as well. Withholding medication, treatment and diagnostic tests are all grounds for medical malpractice.

The area of medical malpractice can sometimes be vague to patients. Many individuals believe that when they sign a waiver for treatment, they are giving up their right to hold the hospital and medical staff liable for any harm that may come to them. However, this is not true at all. Even though a document may have been signed, it does not excuse the medical care facility from being held responsible for medical malpractice.

A very important way for a patient to be an advocate for themselves is to ensure that they keep detailed and accurate notations about the procedures and treatment that they undergo. If a patient chooses to file charges against a medical establishment or personnel, malpractice law requires that the victim prove there was in fact negligence. By keeping a detailed record of all daily activities, treatments, tests and communications, the patient can ensure that they have solid and documented evidence to fall back on. It is always in a patient's best interest to contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer if they wish to pursue legal action. Most institutions will attempt to avoid any negative medical malpractice incidents and the negative publicity that is creates. As a result, most of these cases will be settled out of court.

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