Whether you ski or snowboard, your level of interest and involvement in this winter sport is going to be directly related to where you grew up in the world, as the old real estate saying goes “Location, location, location”. If you didn’t grow up in a region where skiing is possible you probably don’t think about the activity too much. For those who keep their equipment all summer long and look forward to the freedom and enjoyment skiing has to offer know about the amazing rush that accompanies the sport.

Skiers and snowboarders alike know about the importance of location, and fully understand that good ski conditions are also directly related to location as well. Geographic parameters combined with the man made infrastructure of a resort provide you with a winter playground. Cable cars can reach peaks and trails are cut out of the trees to provide everyone with a safe and easy to follow path. While some resorts are clearly more enjoyable than others, there is one factor that ties them all together.

Cables! They are the foundation for all traditional ski resorts. They take you to your destination and your excursions are limited by the places they reach. You have to sit in line and wait at the designated area (sometimes with far too many other people) for your turn on the cable, and then once you start to descend, again ropes and cables section off your boundaries. There is only one way to experience a mountain with no strings attached.

Helicopter skiing is an adventure for those looking for the ultimate ski experience. Not only are there no lines or cable cars; there are no boundaries. As you sit in the helicopter as it passes over mountain peaks on route to your handpicked destination, you realize that you are literally scouring the Earth for the ultimate descend. Then as the helicopter touches down and you hop on to the peak, you realize that you are completely free. Free from groomed paths and packed icy conditions, free from tiresome long lines and cables cars that stop because someone fumbled their poles.

It is an amazing feeling to be the first to carve a trail through two feet of fresh powder. As you float down the mountain with your companions it is easy to feel as if the world is your playground, as opposed to a direct and beaten path filled with other skiers. The freedom of having an entire mountain as your path is beyond words; a sensation that lasts a lifetime and must be experienced to be understood.

While not everyone can appreciate the joy of skiing, those that do search for the ultimate descend. Only a heli-skiing experience can provide you with the ultimate rush of freedom that comes from being completely unbound by cables or ropes. When the only factor that limits your freedom is your own courage, you are sure to push the limits of what you thought you were capable of. This personal discovery only happens when you release yourself from the boundaries of ropes and cables, and venture out to the great big world.

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