In this day and age, we have more terrible noise going on than every before and that noise is grating on our nerves causing health issues, mental challenges, and spiritual upheaval. What can we do?

If we go back in time we would see that noise was never a problem in the past. The only noise we had was nature… and the sounds of nature are healing. But now with our industrialized concrete world, we have more noise than ever before. And that noise has a negative impact on our whole life and our spiritual being and on the societies in general.

A while back my wife and I went to Germany to visit a friend. He lives just outside of Cologne and I was surprised to find it was extremely quiet in Germany. Everyone respects the privacy of other people. People cut their grass with push mowers, and do their yard work with hand tools. It was refreshing, calming, peaceful, and relaxing.

Here in the Caribbean, it’s just the opposite at 7 AM people are out with gas weed eaters, gas movers, gas leaf blowers, and trucks are barreling along. People start playing loud music in the afternoon, so loud that all the neighbors can hear it. And that’s normal… so everyone puts up with it. But all that noise creates a price that we all pay.

Noise makes it so we can’t taste our food thus we eat more. This has been proven in clinical studies.

Noise makes it so we don’t take care of ourselves and thus we start getting depressed.

Noise gets in our way of concentration and does not allow us to think clearly.

Noise plays havoc with our memories thus we can’t remember things.

Noise causes high blood pressure and sleep disturbances.

Noise contributes to fatal heart attacks.

Noise frazzles our nerves and leads to conflicts, anger, and rage.

Noise causes permanent hearing loss.

Noise creates dementia.

Noise causes birth defects.

Noise causes brain developmental problems in children.

And noise causes muscle tension, exhaustion, lowers our immune system, creates headaches, migraines, behavioral changes, irritability, stress, loss of sleep, and the inability to get along with others. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, I could go on forever with all the negative things that noise creates.

So what we need to do is to stop all of this… because we are creating all this noise. We can organize groups to go around and spread fliers talking about the negative consequences of noise… thus not allowing the noise of any kind in the neighborhood.

But most of all because of this lack of silence we can’t find ourselves. It’s very hard to go inward and meditate with lots of noise going on all the time. And that’s why all the great avatars, spiritual seekers, and great masters lived in places with very little or no noise at all. And without peace we get angry and that anger creates the world we have right now.

As it says in all the spiritual texts, “Be Still and Ye Shall Know My Name”.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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