Have you ever heard the term “keep your nose to the grindstone?” Although sources cite different origins to the phrase, it has come to describe someone who works hard and steady at something that is tedious and boring. Many historians believe that the origin of the phrase was passed down through the centuries by millers who would put their nose onto or near their millstones (or grindstones) so they could smell if their turning of the stones was burning the grains.

When I was growing up my father worked in an automobile factory. He worked hard and steady for 30 years at a job he disliked very much. His reward for spending 30 years doing something he hated was the ability to retire at 49 and finally do what he loved. He loved working with wood. For hours he would putter around his shop, spending hour after hour designing, building, refinishing and producing beautiful furniture. Sure, he was working hard, but he was doing something he truly loved. And because he loved it, it didn’t really feel like work to him.

I am grateful to my Dad for those 30 years of going to work every morning doing the same thing each day over and over again. He worked in the extreme heat of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter. His labor provided a life style that gave me straight teeth, a comfortable home and memorable family vacations.

His work ethic resides in both my brother and me. We both work hard and steady but because we experienced our father’s discontent, we choose to do what we love and enjoy and we choose to do it today.

Sure, I have times when I think I don’t do enough. I briefly think I’ve not been very good at keeping my nose to the grindstone or taking care of my personal development or my business. Do you feel that way sometimes?

But the truth is we have done enough. The laws of the universe tell us that what was meant to get done did in fact get done. And what is waiting will continue to wait. There is no need to feel frustrated or anxious that we’ve not done a good job of keeping our nose to the grindstone. After all, that’s the definition of tedious and boring. And who wants that in their life? Certainly not me!!

I choose to pursue and experience a life of my own design right now. I don’t want to wait thirty years to get my reward. And I also choose to stop and smell the fragrance of the roses every so often because it allows me to see through the smoke from the grind stone wheel.

Vickie Griffith

Author's Bio: 

Vickie is nationally respected as the Tap Instructor, assisting you to tap into the power within to realize your brilliance in your life, business and health. She is a speaker, Certified Hypnotist, EFT Expert. She creates a contagious energy as she speaks, coaches, and conducts workshops.