In order to excel in all fields and keep oneself physically and mentally fit, one has to follow a proper diet and follow a well planned exercise regime. However, owing to our fast paced, busy lifestyles, we find it difficult to follow a well-balanced diet and also spare some time for daily exercise. We fail to understand that this will have harmful effects in the long run. Thus, it is of paramount importance that one takes care of their diet and also follows a proper exercise regime. As it becomes difficult to exercise everyday in order to stay fit and healthy, there are many other ways through which we can maintain our physical health and stay healthy and active for long periods of time. One of them is by consuming health supplements. Supplements are available in many different kinds. Some are made specifically to provide the body with essential nutrients that are lost over a period of time while there are body building supplements that are solely made to boost stamina and also to develop a good physique. However, nutrition products in India are still at a nascent stage and many people are not aware of how to use these and the benefits they offer.

Nutrition products in India are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. However, in the West, these supplements are commonly bought. When it comes to buying supplements, it is also significantly important that you choose them wisely. A research conducted by Consumer Labs over 32 OTC supplements showed that out of the 32 different kinds of supplements, only 10 of them could fulfill the claims made by the manufacturers. Thus, it becomes essential to buy supplements that come with proven results. As far as possible, it is always advises that you buy organic or non-artificial supplements. Natural supplements do not pose any health hazards and also do not come with any harmful side effects as seen with most artificial supplements.

Before you intend buy nutritional supplements, you need to first clearly understand what the term dietary supplement implies. Many people are mistaken that by having dietary supplements alone, they can maintain sound physical health and they do not have to follow a low calorie diet or do exercise. However, they are completely mistaken. Dietary supplements, as the name suggests, are made to complement or supplement your diet. They can only show the desired results if you follow a proper diet continue with your regular exercise. The Dietary Supplement Heath and Education Act has defined dietary supplements as any type of product that is taken by the mouth and contains a dietary ingredient which is intended to supplement the diet. This may include minerals, vitamin, other botanicals, herbs, amino acid, organ tissues, glandular, enzymes and metabolites. There are many loopholes in the rules and regulations set by the Food and Drug Association. This is because the Food and Drug Association is not directly responsible for individual companies and what they produce and market. In essence, any drug or pharmaceutical company can manufacture any dietary supplement and market it as safe to consume and it is generally assumed that all the claims made by them are backed by enough evidence. There is a sudden spurt in the demand for nutrition products in India. Nutritional supplements should be chosen after considering several important factors like ingredients, health history and so on.

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