For those of you who are into foreign ladies, I want to give a few tips to help you with how to get girls. The bottom line is, being really successful with hot Asian women means you've got to switch up your strategy.

OK, let's get started. This 1st point on attracting Asian women could possibly sound a little obvious, but it's especially necessary for you to show cleanliness and very good personal hygiene when you're around Asian women. They are big on this! They seriously believe in the phrase "cleanliness is next to Godliness."

You can tell how much value beautiful Asian girls put on personal hygiene just by seeing the way they take care of their appearance. They won't leave the house without very carefully checking their hair, makeup and outfit -- even if they just need to go across the street to pick up something. (Unlike a lot of Western women, who can simply throw on a baseball cap and pair of sweatpants.)

So whenever you're dating Asian women -- or on a mission to pick up Asian girls -- you absolutely must look clean, well-groomed and presentable. It's always better for you to be slightly over-dressed, rather than under-dressed.

If you're going out on a date with an Asian girl, this is definitely true. Always assume that she is going to arrive looking her very best. It's going to be awkward and uncomfortable for her if she walks in wearing a classy cocktail dress, and you're wearing ripped jeans and a tee-shirt. With these ladies, you must "dress to impress."

Extra word of advice: If you have been wearing facial hair, you should strongly consider getting rid of it. Women (and not just Asian girls) nearly always agree that men look best when they are clean-shaven. This is especially true with Asian women because the men of their culture almost never have facial hair, and their skin is very soft and sensitive. They don't want to rub up against stubble. So if a beard, moustache or goattee has been part of your "look" for a while, go ahead and shave it off. Get rid of it and make a new start. Trust me, it's going to feel good.

My next tip is that you've got to let Asian girls know that you're an organized person who has his life totally under control. Asian women do not understand the idea of being a "slacker," or trying to "find your purpose" in life. In Asian cultures, the guys are hard working, focused on making money, and have a clear sense of purpose. They are also self-sufficient. Anything else is considered abnormal and unattractive. So if you are sharing an apartment with a slob roommate, or you hate your job and are trying to figure out what you really want to do in life, these are things you'll need to conceal from Asian women (and hopefully you will address these problems and get them fixed soon).

I'm not saying that you've got to have tons of cash, or have some super impressive career. It simply means that you must be able to show women that you're organized. If you live in an apartment, you should keep it clean. (If possible, hire a maid to come in once a week and make the place spotless.)

Also, you shouldn't be saddled with a lot of debt. When you're with Asian women, you should mention your ambitions, objectives and plans. Let her envision herself as a part of your successful future.

Basically, Western girls are more likely to put up with a guy who is a "slacker" or a "bad boy" who leads a chaotic lifestyle, or can't hold a job. Asian women are turned off by this type of guy. It's very important for them to be with a man who is stable and secure, and can make them feel the same way.

By radiating masculine confidence and calmness, and a sense that you are in control of your life and destiny, you will become highly attractive to Asian women. This is an excellent starting point. Next time I'm going to explain some more specific approaches and approaches for hooking up with hot Asian women, including approach tactics. I'll even give you some very helpful advice to help you meet beautiful Asian women online (and how to blow away all the other guys who are competing for the hottest girls).

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