You're tired of hitting the bar scene and too old for the clubs so you decide to check out some dating websites. At this point you are thinking that you have nothing to lose since you are already tired and drained out from looking. You consider many factors to online dating. For one, you can search for men or women without leaving your house. You can get to know this person likes and dislikes without asking them. You can even find person information without asking them. It has been made easy for you to find someone new without having to do much work. So you proceed forward, create a profile and decide to respond to some one else's profile.

Many times you will learn about a new person by what they wrote on their profile. You are trusting them that what they say is truthful and honest. You find out their likes and dislikes and even see really nice pictures of themselves. The challenge comes that you have to trust them that you are their #1 catch and not possibly their #5 catch. The disadvantage of online dating is that you are falling for a persona based on the information they have given you about themselves. I first want to give you some cautionary steps to online dating.

1. Make sure you have as much information about them as possible. You don't need to know every exact piece of detail of themselves but you should at least know their first and last name, phone numbers, their occupation and perhaps even where they work at. The reason why I say this is because you want the person to be as truthful about themselves as possible. Many times you will see pictures of themselves from 5 years ago or even pictures of their friends. They may tell you that they live nearby when they live far away. They could lie to you about their income, job status or even if they have children or not. It's a dangerous world if you try to find someone through the internet. Even if you are finding this person through a chat room or other forum to connect with someone its still a scary place to meet someone and fall in love. There have been many incidents of people being scammed from men and women met through the internet.

2. Set a meeting place in public. Try to meet this person at a coffee shop or at a restaurant. Try not to go back to their place or your place unless you feel extremely comfortable with them. Hopefully its been after a few dates.

3. Ask questions about their background including past relationships. Hint! if the person just got out of a relationship then don't expect them to be ready to offer you a relationship anytime in the near future even if they say they want a relationship. Also try and find out why a relationship ended. They may not be completely honest with you but that is why you will spend most of your time communicating with them. The more time spent communicating with them the more they open up to you.

4. Beware the guy or girl who only wants to keep the communication online. If this person does not want to continue the conversations over the phone or meet in person then you have a big warning sign that this person is most likely unavailable or a big fat liar.

In using astrology I will provide you with some ideas on what type of sign is open to having an online/internet and long distance relationship and which signs will just give up too quickly.

Capricorn/Venus/Moon or Capricorn rising

These are the people who are serious about wanting a relationship but do not have the patience to wait for someone to relocate. If you meet someone who has Capricorn traits and you happen to live a distance from them then expect them to give you a time line on when you should relocate to have a relationship with them. By the way i mentioned YOU relocating. Their jobs will have them on solid grounds to not go anywhere.

Aquarius/Venus/Moon or Aquarius rising

These people love internet dating and even dating someone at a distance. They will have patience and give you the time needed until one of you relocates to be with one another.

Pisces/Venus/Moon Pisces rising

Pisces want to fantasize about love and relationship so they are open to having a relationship. They will even be open to relocating for you.

Aries/Venus/Moon or Aries rising

These people lack patience in wanting a long distance or internet relationship so you can expect them to give up on you easily unless you live a few miles away.

Taurus/Venus/Moon or Taurus rising

They are open to long distance or internet relationship but at some point they want you to relocate. Taurus people do not like to move long distance. They do not like to move 20 miles away so don't expect them to relocate for you.

Gemini Venus/Moon or Gemini rising

Their adaptable and will move and have the patience to have a long distance or internet relationship. The problem with some Gemini's is they may also get bored with you quickly so a long distance relationship may fade easily.

Cancer/ Venus/Moon or Cancer rising

These people do not want to leave their homes and families so don't expect them to relocate but they will be open to dating online and having a long distance relationship.

Leo/Venus/Moon or Leo rising

Leo's love to be in love and will be open to internet dating and long distance relationship. Your only problem is that you better think commitment and marriage if they were to relocate for you.

Virgo/Venus/Moon and Virgo rising

Virgos will fight you on relocating but will be open to having a long distance relationship. They want a relationship and will try internet to find the love of their life.

Libra Venus/Moon or Libra rising

Libras love to be in love and if they have to find love across the country or locally then they will be open to find a lover. They will be open to relocating but only if promised to marry and commit.

Scorpio Venus/Moon or Scorpio rising

Scorpios want the love of their life and will go to extremes to find that love. If they have to relocate they will do so but they choose to find love locally. Be careful as they may become your next stalker

Sagittarius Venus/Moon or Sagittarius rising

These people want space and freedom so they will be open to long distance dating and online dating but will also want to date others. You may have to give these people time to fall in love with you. They love travel so they will be open to taking trips to spend time with you but may not be open to relocating. It just depends on their careers.

Always be aware when you try to find love online as some sun signs will be open to date you but may also lie to you. Certain sun signs will go the extra mile for you and relocate for you. Be careful as some sun signs may be your worst enemies. Take caution when dating and make sure you find out everything about them.

Good luck.


The Psychic One

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Cynthia has been a psychic for over 20 years and a astrologer for over 10 years. She is known for her details to dates and time frames. Her horoscopes can be read on her website and includes daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes with great detail and time frames.