Osha root is a Native American herb that has been used for thousands of years for healing lung problems such as colds, flues, coughs, inflammation and for getting rid of mucus in the respiratory tract. The cold and flu season will be with us in no time so osha root is very important to have in our herbal medicine cabinet. Osha root has no side effects of any kind which is great. Osha root helps to get rid of mucus, it’s antibacterial, antiviral, it shorts the duration of a cold or flu, it’s calming, soothing, and it also dilates bronchi so you can breathe easy. Osha root helps the lungs to work more efficiently to bring in more O2, helps with inflammation, works great for sore throats, and speeds up wound healing. Plus osha root is used on commercial medicines for coughs and has a very pleasant taste. Osha root is very important herb to have in your herbal medicine cabinet.

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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