Our destiny is written before us in the stars...*****

Astrologically, we now have gathered our harvests & we are entering a time to review those seeds that germinated well & those that maybe need to be let go off before they bring down the rest of our well nurtured crops.

Astrologically speaking, Mercury turns retrograde on 7th of September & stays that way until 29th, this will help us greatly in reviewing our crops all over September as Mercury normally goes into storm a few days prior & after (storm is where it appears to speed up & become chaotic).

Most people groan when they find out we are entering a Mercury retrograde period as it has a famous reputation for being the trickster in all sorts of communications, movement & travels. Generally starting anything new in a Mercury retrograde period is frowned upon & we are warned that it will be fraught with difficulty. Whilst there is some truth that Mercury retrograde may not be the best time for progressing forward, it of course is beneficial for reveiwing. Basically anything with "RE" in the title is served strongly by Mercury retrograde, so things like re-novation, re-search, re-negotiation & re-veiwing, re-gression, & re-membering are highly starred for September quite literally!

Sometimes people plan their life around astrology. I see this as man trying to outwit the gods-Not always a wise move! Quite often things happen in our life that are directly "reflected" by the stars & that is why they are happening then. It is all part of the divine order...For instance, I recently got legally married & handfasted on the same day to my beautiful partner Richard.

Richard is a Gemini with a five planet conjunction in Gemini one of which is Venus & I am a Leo with Gemini in Mars. Our Mars & Venus conjuncts which has been a very auspicious omen for us from the word go. We set our handfasting for 1pm on Saturday 15th August 2009.

Only afterwards did we become aware of all the perfect astrological ailignment:
* The Sun (Masculine) was in Leo (my sun)
* The Moon (feminine) was in Gemini, (Richard's moon.)
* Mercury was in Virgo which is where my Mercury is & is also a natural home here producing an ease of mind.
* Venus was in Cancer, which is also where my Venus is conjunct my Moon which rules Cancer producing again a natural ease of love & emotion
* Mars was in Gemini where my Mars conjuncts Richards Venus conjuncting his five planet conjunction in Gemini
* We got married on a number six day, which is the number of "The Lovers" in the Tarot- Perfect! Especially as it was a Tarot themed wedding!-
* The Lovers in the Tarot is ruled by Gemini

But did we plan it that way? No we didn't... You may say that being a full-time psychic means I must naturally be more connected anyway. But that is simply not true.

We all are that connected.

There have been times when something important has been scheduled during a Mercury retrograde or Void-of-course cycle (when the moon is not aspecting any planet- also not good for starting things as they may come to nothing or turn out not as expected) & I have felt the fear or worry, but not to the point of re-scheduling. How would that be trusting the universe? & I have looked back to be amazed at the outcome...eventually!
So if you have some important dates lined up for September during void-of-course or the retrograde, maybe it might just be time to take a step back & release the expected outcomes & be open to the unexpected, sometimes the unexpected has a greater amount of fulfilment in because it goes beyond our capacity of imagination...

Remember, Mercury doesn't actually move backwards, it just appears to, & that there is a little clue from the gods:

That just because something might appear to be going backwards, it doesn't mean it actually is....


Author's Bio: 

Hi, my name is Tiffany.

I work as a full-time Psychic Tarot Reader, Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Hypnotherapist & Teacher in both London & Cornwall. I love writing & get so much fom sharing the messages that come to me in my daily life. I hope you get just as much if not more from reading them

Warm wishes