We create our tomorrows by what we think about today. If we focus on our problems of the past, then they will inevitably show up in differing forms in our future. If we focus on our successes, then these too is what we will encounter again.
Thought patterns are habitual- awareness of thoughts is the first step to creating a better tomorrow. Focus on the excitement of realizing your potential success instead of lamenting in the sadness of your current problems. If everyone threw their problems into a gigantic pile, most of us would choose our problems over those of others. Where you are right now is the result of your past thought patterns. As soon as you take the first step to change these patterns, then your reality will begin to change.

After you have succeeded in becoming aware of your thoughts, the second step is to begin to filter them and decide if they are warranting a positive perspective. We are bombarded by thoughts. Successful people take the time to sift through those thoughts and decipher them. They determine whether they are helping them to be happy and achieve their dreams or sabotaging them in the quest for their desires. Happiness and success are simple results of a positive perspective. Imagine your mind to be a treasure chest and only fill it with gems and precious jewels, leave out the ugly rocks and blemished stones.

Lastly, take action…look for opportunities around you and act on them. No one reached the top of a mountain by merely thinking about climbing it. Be cognizant of that which surrounds you and allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone and grow to become an even bigger being. It’s in the uncomfortable frontier of our existence that our horizons are expanded.

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Few people realize that it is not what happens in our life that’s important, but rather how we think about what happens that decides our future. While Webster defines reality as true to life, the fact of the matter is reality is always and conclusively what we think it is. My reality… I’m living an amazing life...received my Master’s Degree from UCLA in Education, mother of 4, wife, non-fiction writer, inspirational entrepreneur, self-actualizer, CEO of a non-profit. I’ve studied the phenomenon of thought and perceptions for more than fifteen years. I've written and published 4 books with more on the way. I’m motivated to help others learn to navigate their perceptions of reality to create exactly the kind of life they’ve always imagined. We can’t depend on external circumstances for lasting happiness, it has to come from within. Each of us is in control of our own destinies. Please check out my facebook group, cr8reality, become a fan of my facebook page, Kelley Kremer, become a facebook friend, Kelley Dos Santos Kremer, and follow me on twitter, digg, blellow, or delicious at cr8reality. You can also find my blog at cr8reality.wordpress.com and join my network on linkedin!