A gag reflex is an auto response issue.
Just like breathing or like the beating of your heart, there is a programmed response that acts independently of thought. Or does it?
Science has shown meditation effects breath and heart rate. Focused thought on images can change stress in the body, boost the immune system and even change the structure of water molecules.
So, how is it, a gag reflex could have such power? This unsavory action seems to have a life of its own. Unrelenting and quite embarrassing, the quality of life and your self care is at risk every time you open your mouth.
Dental visits top the list, closely followed by brushing your teeth, kissing your mate or even eating your favorite foods have become a sweaty challenge.
Would you believe that the secret to undoing this ailment lies within the energy field within your physical body?
Would you believe that your own thoughts and feelings created this monster?
Would you believe you have the power to undo this issue and forever have control over it?
I have discovered a technique that when practiced daily or at times of need, will make you the master of your muncher.
What to know more? Care to be healed of your gag reflex? Ask me how….

Author's Bio: 

I've copy written this technique in 2009 while working in the dental field. Used on patients who suffer from an extreme gag reflex, my "invention" proved time and time again to be a success.
It is very easy and surprising in it's approach. Once this concept is grasped, it can be applied in all fields where restriction is found.
I believe it is the basis of the most negative human condition, with assistance and practice, sufferings can be easily changed.