A cab or taxi rental service makes the life of a person simple, easy and trouble-free. It is the cheapest and the convenient means to travel all around or outside the city. Be it a small holiday trip with family or picking up someone from the airport, renting a taxi service is much beneficial as it helps you get rid of a lot of inconveniences.

While looking for a local taxi in your vicinity, you should go through a number of taxi rental service providers to get the affordable and quality service with no hidden charges. A lot of taxi rentals in Burgess Hill and other locations in the UK. There is a lot of taxi rental services operating in the market at present and each one of them goes an extra mile to provide best and highly-satisfied services to their clients.

It is a tougher task for the passengers to choose for the taxi service that guarantees safe and comfortable journey. Apart from this job, the passengers are having various roles and responsibilities towards the taxi rental services. Below are listed the most important rights and duties of a passenger while travelling in a taxi in Burgess Hill or any other area. Let’s have a look-

Passenger Rights
While travelling in a taxi, passengers are having the right to:

  • A licensed and professional driver- A passenger should make sure that he retains the driving license of the driver as soon as he boards the cab. The license/identification card displays the accreditation number, expiry date and the photograph of the driver. All professional drivers are having their license and identity card with them, if not having, then avoid boarding the cab and opt for another one.
  • Their choice of route- A passenger can ask the driver to follow the route of his own choice. He can specify the route for him to reach the destination. Otherwise, the driver can follow a route he knows well in case the passenger does not provide him with the route of his choice.
  • Access to metered fare- Accessing the metered ride is the foremost duty of the passenger. The driver should turn on the meter before starting the ride that too at the correct tariff rate.
  • A clean cab- The cab that comes to pick up a passenger should be clean, tidy, safe and well-maintained.
  • Air conditioned cab- A passenger has the right to air conditioned cabs and therefore, the cabs or taxis are required to have properly working air-conditioner.

Passenger Responsibilities-
The passengers should always keep their duty in mind and should abide by them with utmost loyalty-

  • Fare payment- It is the core responsibility of the passenger to pay the fare amount to the driver for the services he has provided. The amount is calculated by the fare meter, but it doesn’t include the amount paid for the tolls. After reaching the destination, the passenger and driver should calculate the total amount and passenger should honestly pay the total amount to the driver.
  • Wearing seat belts- Every person travelling in a taxi should make sure he strictly wears the seat belts for his safety along with the persons requires their care and attention i.e. a passenger of 16 years or less. The belts are one of the biggest safety measures that should be followed with utmost loyalty.
  • A number of passengers allowed in a cab- It is the duty of the passenger to ask the taxi rental services about the number of passengers allowed to board a cab. Make sure that this number doesn’t exceed because the driver is authorised to refuse to allow extra members to sit in his cab.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol while on board- A passenger is not allowed to consume alcohol or any such drink while travelling in a taxi. Even he is not allowed to carry open containers that hold or contain alcohol therein.

The passengers are required to take extensive care of their roles and responsibilities before and after they board a cab or taxi. They should make sure that they abide by the rules and regulations that are set by Taxi Services Commission of their vicinity.

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