A recurrent comment I get from friends and even strangers I discuss my latest initiative TheNewHappyMe with is "Wow, you are so passionate about this project, you must love working on it."

Actually, I never gave much thought to it until I started getting that feedback. Apparently I glow, I smile and my eyes twinkle as my voice carries immense excitement. In honesty, that's how I feel inside when I think of TheNewHappyMe project, so what others see are really my true emotions externalized. It's my passion for my work and my dream.

The difference passion makes in living your dream is not one you will notice when you reach your goal. Passion plays its role while on your path to achieving the life you desire. It is the drive you need to work towards completion of your goal.

Here are some examples of how I feel express my passion for my life dream:

- I love talking about my project, I can talk for hours non stop! I feel I repeat myself often, but when I am talking to different people each time, I get amazing feedback with each discussion!

- I want to wake up early in the morning to work on my next steps for TheNewHappyMe! This is coming from a former 10 hour sleeper!! I can easily wake up at 4am to work at my computer now!

- I forget everything around me while on my computer researching or writing! Don't tell my kids... although they do realize it... I forget to eat and to sleep too! There is a French expression; "Je vis d'amour et d'eau fraîche" I live off love and fresh water... that's me, that's passion!

- I decide to push my comfort zone limits further each time to do more things for my goal! I don't let fear or shyness stop me from doing what I need to do, I just do it!

- I feel alive, more confident and powerful when I am working on my projects! I stand taller, I walk with pride and I know I am doing something important in my life!

- I feel better inside and out when I am working on TheNewHappyMe! (I actually feel I look prettier when I am involved in my work!)

- I put an exclamation mark after each sentence!

Passion for my life dream helps to implement and maintain other secret ingredients required for achieving my life dream. With passion I can respect my commitment to myself, keep discipline on my path and continue with my hard work throughout.

I am incredibly happy to have found Passion in my life, an emotion that flows from me as I work on accomplishing my goals and achieving my Life Dream!

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TheNewHappyMe is my adventure on the path to finding happiness. I have been sharing my stories, my thoughts, my humour and my soul with my readers for several months and the support I have gotten is incredible.

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With love and happy thoughts,
Carmen Marie - TheNewHappyMe.com