There is a drug available that is good for treating diarrhea in humans and dogs. This is the over-the-counter drug Pepto Bismol. Although veterinarians recommend Pepto Bismol for dog diarrhea, there are situations when it is safe and not safe to administer the drug.

1. When it is Unsafe

When it is the first time for your dog to take Pepto Bismol give it a try. The usual dosage is 1 milliliters at most per pound of your dog’s body weight. Give your dog one dosage and wait. When an adverse reaction occurs to your dog then it is allergic to Bismuth Subsalicylate, the key ingredient of Pepto Bismol. Immediately bring your dog to a vet when this happens. Another condition that makes it unsafe for your dog to take Pepto Bismol is when it is taking another medication. You should ask your dog’s veterinarian to know if taking Pepto Bismol with another canine drug would cause problems in your dog’s system. These are the conditions that should cause you to avoid Pepto Bismol for dog diarrhea.

2. When it is Safe

When everything makes Pepto Bismol for dog diarrhea safe then proceed in using the medication on your dog. It is recommended to use the syrup Pepto Bismol to make it easier for your dog to swallow. Again, the dosage is 1 milliliter at most per pound of your dog’s body weight. Use a needle-less syringe and directly inject the Pepto Bismol syrup in your dog’s mouth. Do this every 6 hours daily for two days max.

3. Common Side Effects

Pepto Bismol usually turns the color of your dog’s stool to black. The dog’s tongue could also turn black. Constipation could also occur so keep your dog hydrated and feed it with food rich in fiber. As long as your dog is taking no other medications then these are the common side effects of Pepto Bismol.

It is already common with experience dog owners to use Pepto Bismol for dog diarrhea. There have been good word of mouth on how effective this over-the-counter drug is in treating canine diarrhea and veterinarians are also recommending them. However, it is very important to know when it is safe and unsafe to give Pepto Bismol to your dog when it has diarrhea to prevent complications and help your dog in get back its normal health making it strong and able to play with you again.

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