I once watched a David Attenborough wildlife program that showed the life cycle of a caterpillar. Not just an ordinary caterpillar this caterpillar lived in Siberia; a place where it was only sunny for a short period of the year and icy cold the rest.

The caterpillar would go around munching as much as it could all day long. It would munch munch munch. Then suddenly before it got to the cocoon stage the cold and ice came and the caterpillar froze. Amazingly when the sun came and the ice melted the caterpillar would come alive again and continue munching and munching and munching again in a desperate bid to eat a sufficient amount that it could reach the stage where it became a cocoon. But alas, this year was not to be its year either and the big frost came and the caterpillar froze again. Many cycles came and went and the caterpillar never lost faith that one day it would reach the stage at which it could find its sanctuary in the cocoon and so it continued to munch munch munch until finally the year came when before the ice came it turned into a cocoon and spared itself from another deep freezing. That year it became a butterfly which enabled it to fly to wherever it wanted to be.

It got me thinking and when I made a connection between the caterpillars quest and the quest that many of us humans pursue I was intrigued. I thought about how many of us keep munching and munching but give up before we reap the fruits of our labor. The caterpillar had faith, 100% belief, absolute unwavering knowing that it would make it, and against all of the odds it did. It may take many attempts but if we keep following our instinct then we will get there.

It is those people who are willing to work hard and persevere by weathering the storms they are rewarded especially when we follow our heart. That little caterpillar followed its heart, it so wanted to reach its goal and it instinctively knew how to get there, it is not as if it attended caterpillar school and was taught how to do it, no, it instinctively knew how to move forward, what it needed to do.

We will all get many opportunities to evolve during our lifetimes, we are ever changing beings. Some people choose to experience their life as only a caterpillar but for those who listen to their inner guide and move towards enlightenment by following their hearts desire, they will feel what it is like to live in the beauty and freedom that is being a beautiful butterfly.

Yes to become a butterfly you must work hard, however you will be guided through the process and before you emerge in all your glory you will have some time in your cocoon to rest, contemplate and prepare yourself for your new coming.

Are you a butterfly or are you content with being a caterpillar? Whatever path you choose remember that the butterfly knows what it is like to be a caterpillar but the caterpillar does not yet know what it is like to be a butterfly.

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Hello my name is Karen. I am a writer of articles that are published on adopt amum.com, mamamia.com and in Universal Mind magazine. I have published one novel called The Visitor : a magical understanding of uncertainty my second novel is due out later this year. I have just recently launched an online mentoring workshop at adoptamum.com for people who want to write articles or a book. We are also launching a publishing company through adoptamum.com also, exciting and busy times.