Having tried the gym for many years with little to show in the way of results, many people are now choosing to get in shape with the help of a personal trainer. But how do you know that you are choosing a trainer that is really going to make a difference to your health and fitness.

It's important to make sure that the personal trainer you choose has the skills, qualifications, experience and track record that assures you that your time and money are being well spent. Pick the wrong trainer and you may find that they do more harm than good.

So let's be clear just like any professional, all personal trainers are not the same. Think about your days at school. I bet you can remember the teachers that made a difference to your education. The ones you got along with and the ones who helped to make their subjects interesting. You probably achieved far more with these teachers than any of the others combined and this was regardless of their qualifications! It was more to do with their teaching style. So much about personal training is finding the trainer that you click with, one that understands you and understands what you need. You may well find that the most qualified personal trainer is not necessarily the one you get along with and if they don't really get you either, its a recipe for disaster!

So assuming that your personalities are well matched and you're both on the same page.. what next? Its important to make sure that your trainer is properly qualified. Ask to see their certificates and their professional memberships. Next find out what courses they are doing to improve their skills and understanding. Great personal trainers are always learning new skills. Find out which associations they are members of and that they are properly insured for carrying our personal training, either in the gym or at your home.

Find out from their existing customers what kind of results they have achieved. Personal trainers will be happy to provide you with customer testimonials and may be happy for you to speak with a few of their customers. Don't be afraid to ask. If the trainer has nothing to hid they'll be happy to put you in touch with their customers.

If you're like many and your goal is to lose some weight then it is critical that you select a personal trainer who has some experience and qualifications in nutrition. Without a proper meal plan, you will unlikely see progress that quickly. Equally if you have a more specific reason for training then look for the trainer that has the skills and specialisms you require. For example if you have recently given birth then you need to find a postnatal personal trainer who has the right skills and qualifications to take on those kind of customers.

It may seem like a drawn out process but finding the correct personal trainer will pay dividends when you begin your training. Its the difference between seeing real changed to you health and wellbing or seeing not much improvement at all.

Author's Bio: 

With over 10 years in the fitness Industry, Grant is a senior personal trainer in London that specialises in functional fitness and mobile personal training across Central London.