Having a tough time deciding on what persuasive speech topics to talk about? Don’t sweat it. In this article, you’ll discover some amazing tips to easily find persuasive speech topics that will keep your audience listening to your every word.

First, you must know your target audience very well. Know their age, sex, educational attainments and career experiences. Find out what their beliefs, dreams and goals are. What keeps them excited or awake at night? What makes them tick?

If possible, know their personal, cultural, social, religious and political backgrounds. This will prevent you from saying something that might be offensive to a particular race or culture.

Then based on the information gathered from your audience, list down a list of persuasive speech ideas that might fit their personality, status or background. Remember that the worst thing you could do is deliver a boring speech, so try to come up with controversial yet useful subject matters.

List down persuasive speech topics that will benefit them. Remember they’re always thinking of “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me?). If they don’t see any good results or advantage for listening to your speech, they won’t be interested or responsive.

After you’ve listed down your topics, check those items that you either are an authority in or are very familiar with. Your audience will look up to people with authority. If they perceive you as someone who is an expert in a subject, they would be more likely to listen to you and accept your viewpoints.

But even if you’re not familiar with any subject, as long as you’re passionate about it, you can still choose that topic. Just do proper research over the internet and libraries to come up with your persuasive speech ideas.

During your research, take note of the most interesting or helpful facts that might astound your audience. Keep an open mind and relate how your research can solve their problems or improve any aspect of their life.

Some people are naturally skeptical, so show proof to validate your claims. Gather statistics, facts, testimonials, endorsements, presentations, case studies or true stories. Make sure you note down the source or reference.

Finding persuasive speech topics is easy if you follow the guidelines above. Simply give your audience the information they want to hear, and you’ll do a fantastic job. Best of luck to you!

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