Thailand is a place of lots of natural beauties with furious island and green forest. From the several beautiful touring places Phuket is the most identical place for your visiting. In this tour you must find not only day but also night long entertainment. Phuket Fantasea is a very essential part of this entertaining package. Here you get all shorts of Thai cultured things like traditional Thai dance, handcrafts and lot more. It’s the best attractive and splendour of Thailand culture. Phuket Fantasea make to go through the Thai traditions along with speculate of edging technology and unusual properties. In a result of which you get a dramatic 140-acre thesis complex, crowed with massive amount of activities with lot of amusement. In Phuket Fantasea you find a fair rural community with carnivals, sports, handcrafts and lot of shopping. Overall 4,000 seat cafe presenting a magnificent buffet of the Thai’s and global cookery.

Phuket Fantasea also provides you a tremendous Las vegas- approach melodramatic show. It enable you to move through the beauties of the Myths of Thai culture in the way from first to last art technologies, extraordinary belongings and so on. It also attracts you by the mysteries and supernatural power enhanced in unbelievable things that delight everyone.

Phuket Fantasea show is included with several activities which are beyond your imagination. Inside which the Elephant Palace is the most attractive one. In added to it you can also find the magical illusion of the Thai culture with the four dimensional special effects, acrobatic firecrackers, airborne dance, Circus shown through the elephants and stunts keen on the memorable theatrical masterwork guaranteed to delight the guests of all nationality and all ages.

Phuket Fantasea is a cultural night long theme open place situated on the Kamala beach. This park or open place has several attraction and venture addicted to the ancient culture of Thailand and empire of myths. In this you can add many varieties of classical dances of the various regions of Thailand which are very beautiful and attractive; these dances add aliveness to the Phuket Fantasea show.

The way from the street party village leads alongside to the great blue lake. In the blue lake you must wonder to sea the gorgeous golden pavilion which is looking like its floating. Here you find the world’s largest seating capable for dining facility restaurant which capacity is about 4,000 seats. It’s the Golden Kinnaree rocking restaurant. In this fabulous restaurant you find the half-ladies of famous beauty and courteousness serving you like well known kings.

Phuket Fantasea is the best Thai culture based location accommodated with the above facility mentioned above. If you are missing the opportunity to be served yourself there by chance, then it will hurt you ever. So if you are in Thailand for your tour don’t make this chance go way by your side.

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