Headsets are widely used and their demand in the market cannot be diminished. There are so many people and businesses where headsets are used personally and as well as commercially. People buy quite expensive headsets for themselves and as well as for their business to enjoy the premium sound quality, but there is a time span of wire of the headset to withstand and finally, after some period of time they are damaged. It really hurts the pocket to spend again and again on costly headsets. That is why this is an important and a big issue, thus it is a problem worth solving.

There are lots of similar telephone headsets

cable manufacturers in the market, but it really gets hard to settle on the single one since some of them are too expensive while some do not guarantee the premium quality. Plantronics is an electronic company, which deals with the audio communication products and is one the prominent industry in the market. Plantronics has produced the cables for telephone headset, which they have named as Polaris Cable.

Plantronics Polaris Cable is one of the fine and premium quality products by Plantronics, which they are selling to consumers. It is a cable, which can be used as a replacement of your old cables; it can connect headsets to the jack of telephone on your applicable phones. There is a black coiled card, which has a plug (Quick, Disconnect) on its one of the end and on the other end of the coil, a male plug (modular) can be found. These cables are specially designed and manufactured to provide a louder sound on the phones; it also contains an amplifier (built in).

The cable is packed with all the Plantronics while this cable is also sold separately to entertain the replacement orders for the old damaged cables.


Some of the distinctive key features of this premium quality coil are;
Long 10 inches coil so that you can enjoy the freedom of using headsets far from your telephone as well.
This is a replicable cable, which can be used with the original Plantronics headsets as well.
Can be directly connected to Nortel Norstar Phones as well.
Can be used with Digium Phones.
The cable is coloured with smoky grey (RJ9) plug
The product comes with an exclusive 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.


The company believes in providing maximum productivity in the form of its product and that is what they have done to this piece of cable as well. Replaceable cables are usually of cheap or low quality as compare to the original ones but Plantronics sells the same original quality cable just what you use to have on your telephone headset before so that you get most out of your spending.


The engineers at Plantronics have worked hard to create a durable cable wire for headsets so that you get the most out of it while using it. The cables are durable for a long period such that you can forget everything after replacing it and that is why it comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, it explains the durability of this cable wire very well.


Plantronics Polaris Cable is really super strong. It has been produced with a unique engineered process to make it super strong just the similar strength what you can expect from a nylon fibre. It will last a great time despite the rough use you expect to.


Plantronics have tried to make long enough cable for your telephone headsets so that you can use comfortable and with the freedom to move here and there. Thus, this does not mean that the quality is compromised; it still provides a seamless experience just like your original one.


Plantronics Polaris Cable for Telephone Headsets is not the good from its exterior. It is as good in its working as it gives a decent look. It has premium quality optic wires to give users an ambient sound experience and the fast flow transmitted waves to have a seamless reception with a headset.


Plantronics has made its cables as much as viable as it could be. It is supported well on maximum Plantronics headset whereas it can be used for some other brands of headsets as well.


Information regarding product itself is as follow;
Product’s Dimensions
7.5 x 5.5 x 0.8 inches
Product’s Weight
1.3 pounds


High-quality telephone headset cable.
Attractive design and colour.
Durable and strong cable.
2 years of manufacturer’s warranty
Only compatible with Plantronics and few other headsets.

It can be anticipated that the Polaris Cable manufactured by Plantronics is no doubt one of the best replaceable cables, which can be found in the market. It can provide best of the seamless high quality while keeping an elegant premium looks as well with no compromise on the strength and durability of cable wire. The most eye-catching feature of this product, which can compel consumers to buy it, is the long 10 inches coil, which can serve the purpose of anyone; in fact, it can make life much easier while having the best of quality from the product. The promising key feature of 2 years exclusive hardware warranty of this cable is best of what can be expected while searching for and buying a replacement for your old damaged cable. Thus, this product is highly recommended to be used as it stands out to be highly productive product in the saturated market of headsets cable.

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