With the wide selection of careers to choose from in the US, most young people easily dismiss plumbing as a potential career path. The common misconception is that the plumbing trade; both working as a plumber and owning the company, are low-paying jobs. This perception is however far from the truth.

The real estate market in most states has been thriving over the last couple of years and more houses and structures are being put up. What this translates to is increase in the demand for plumber Point Pleasant or Plumber Ocean County professionals for instance. Apart from the new housing projects, an estimated 2% of household will require plumbing services on a regular basis. We’re talking a lot of households here without enough qualified and certified plumbers. It’s understandable that you may be confused, or even afraid of pursuing a plumbing profession. The following list of the good, the bad, and the ugly can help you make the best decision for your future.

The Good
The demand of plumbers is extremely concentrated and overwhelming for the current workforce. A plumber Point Pleasant or plumber Ocean County has unlimited supply of work. They therefore are in a competitive environment and to raise or lower the demand they can fluctuate the prices of the services they offer as necessary.

There are a lot of homes, construction projects, and businesses without a professional plumber to contract and this can translate to a lot of lost money. Money can be lost by the homeowners in the sense that in the event of for example a pipe burst, they won’t have a contract plumber Point Pleasant or plumber Ocean County to call for emergency plumbing. They end up losing so much property.
Most professional plumbers only want commercial contracts because of the promise of a better pay. This means as a plumber Point Pleasant or a plumber Ocean County you will have more advantage and a better opportunity to get more individual jobs from home owners or single projects.

The Bad
Although plumbing is not a profession you have to study for 9 years or so like doctors, you still require some professional training in order to get a license to practice the trade. There are many colleges that offer the course, but you are also required to directly work with a professional licensed plumber Point Pleasant or plumber Ocean County since this is a hands on job and you need to acquire the skills practically.

The Ugly
Plumbing is not a clean job and so you should not expect to be going to job in official suits or tuxedos. The job will sometimes not just be dirty, but may be complicated and if you don’t have insurance you could be sued by homeowners for damages you did not anticipate will occur in the course of work.

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